Our first Diamond member

I'm blown away by what I’m about to tell you! 

We had our first Diamond member and she only signed up to the Brownie Bank 24 hours earlier. 

Naomi was not only awarded a £25 Deliciously Guilt Free voucher and a 25% discount code.

She was also given an additional £200 vouchers to spend on our site, free of charge, no minimum spend!

So how did Naomi make so much money and enter the highest tier with added perks?

Simple, she referred DGF and the Brownie Bank to her friends.

Yeah you read that right.

She ordered and enjoyed a mixed box and signed up to the Brownie Bank.

She loved it so much that she shared the word with her friends and used her personal Brownie Bank link to refer them. 

If you want to join Naomi and become a Diamond member then please log in to the Brownie Bank and share your unique link with your friends.

Your friend gets £5 off their order, you get 1000BP and we gain new customers.

Win, win, win - exactly as it should be 

P.S. Did you know you can join our Brownie Bank and web awarded amazing rewards like Naomi? To join click here 

P.P.S Already a member? No problem, click here to see our range and start earning those Brownie Points 


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