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Vanilla Keto Birthday Cake
Vanilla Keto Birthday Cake
Vanilla Keto Birthday Cake

Vanilla Keto Birthday Cake

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We know how often we are asked to make birthday cakes and so here is one of them, the Vanilla Birthday Cake.

We have added a strawberry Cham layer through the middle of vanilla sponge and topped it with white chocolate icing to make this one a perfect keto/low carb birthday cake. Obviously we don't judge if you eat it at other occasions too ;-)

The tray bake is the exact same volume of three regular boxes of brownies (serves 24 people or 12 if you want a larger piece) 

    • Traybake - cut to your own desired size
    • Low carb, 3.1g impact carbs per portion if cutting into 24* 
    • Low sugar, 1.1g per portion* (if cut to 24)
    • 179 calories per portion* (if cut to 24)
    • Keto friendly 
    • Gluten-free 
    • Maltitol free
    • Suitable for vegetarians 

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    STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Refrigerate on arrival. Store in fridge for 7 days. Can be frozen for up to 2 months. 

    INGREDIENTS: Butter (milk, Salt), Free Range Egg, Strawberry Chia sauce (Strawberry, Chia Seeds, Sweetener: Erythritol, Soluble Fibre: Inulin, Lemon Juice), Ground Almonds (Nuts), Sweetener: Erythritol,  White Chocolate (Cocoa Butter, Dried Milk, Soluble Fibre: Inulin, Sweetener: Erythritol), Soluble Fibre: Inulin, Vanilla Essence (mono-propylene Glycol, Water, Natural Flavouring, Colour: Caramel E150a), Cocoa Butter, Raising Agent (Sodium Dihydrogen Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Sulphate), Salt.

    ALLERGENS: See ingredients in bold.  

    * SERVING SIZE: Serving sizes are approximate. If a health condition or diet is dependent on more accurate macros, please weigh your portion and refer to the per 100g nutritional values. However please remember that what you are about to enjoy is a hand made product, therefore not all values are typical and not guaranteed, but we have done our best!

    Nutrition Facts    Per 100g*  Per cake (48g) *
     Energy   kj 1557.3 743.6
     Energy   calories 375.4 179.3
     Total Fat  g 33.6 16.1
     Of which       
     - Saturates  g 15.4 7.4
    Carbohydrate  g 24 11.5
     Of which       
     - Sugars  g 2.2 1.1
     - Polyols*  g 17.5 8.4
     Fibre  g

    Protein  g 4.8 2.3
     Salt  g 0.68 0.33


    *Excessive consumption of foods containing polyols can lead to laxative effects.  


    Carbs - Polyols = impact carbs 

    What are impact carbs?

    These are carbs that will have an impact on your blood sugar levels. We use polyols (a type of sweetener) that isn't absorbed by the body, and so we minus this from the total carb count. The carbs remaining between the two are the impact carbs. 

    Produced in a factory that also handles soy, peanuts and sesame

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Maria Petraki
    Bday cake

    Amazing! Everyone liked it!

    Linda D
    Makes for a great gift!

    Mother in law is on a keto diet, so obviously couldn't have regular birthday cake. This was a pleasant surprise and she couldn't stop praising it! It freezes great, so she can ration ir for weeks to come!
    Kudos to the chef! ;)

    Charlotte Devlin

    Unfortunately this cake was very grainy and too moist, no-one would eat it, which was very disappointing on my birthday...

    Susan Lidington
    Daughters 35th birthday cake

    The birthday cake tasted amassing 😋 was so pleased it arrived in time for my daughter’s 35th birthday 🥳👍

    Andrea Robson
    Fabulous cake!

    I’ve been purchasing keto treats from DGF for about 8 months now. My husband knows how much I love their brownies and other squares, so surprised me with this cake for my 40th Birthday over the weekend. It was such a lovely surprise to be able to blow out some candles on a cake I could actually eat on my birthday. My only suggestion would be if it could somehow be personalised with a message to make it look a little bit more celebratory, although I realise that this may not be possible to arrive unscathed with the way it’s shipped. He ordered a nice cake topper to stick on it anyway, so it looked great and I was so happy with this.