Keto Christmas Dinner Ideas

It’s the beginning of December and in the back of everyone’s minds already is the thought on what to cook for Christmas dinner. If you’re following the Keto lifestyle, there are multiple ways that your Christmas dinner can be incredibly tasty without the carbs, and we’ve produced a little menu for inspiration.


Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Cauliflower

Yes, it is as irresistible as it sounds. Oozing with garlic creamy cheese and encapsulated in the sweet bacons grasp, this stuffed cauliflower is always a success with the family – and incredibly simple too!

First, boil a whole cauliflower until a knife can easily slide into the stem, then drain and set aside.

Then mix spinach, eggs, green onions, garlic, cheddar, cream cheese, panko, and Parmesan all together.

Flip cauliflower over and fill the holes in with the garlic cheese mix.

Flip back over and cover with streaky bacon.

Cook in the oven for around 40 minutes on 200’c.

Main Course:


Now if you chose to stray away from the Roast Turkey and wanted something just as delicious and filling as a Christmas dinner should be, then look no further than a Meatloaf.

First, preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

In a bowl, combine minced beef, cheese, almond flour, Parmesan, eggs, soy sauce and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

In a saucepan, cook sliced onion and celery until soft, before stirring in minced garlic, oregano and chilli powder. Once cooked through, mix this into your beef mix.

Mould this mixture into a loaf shape on your baking tray (or if you have a loaf-shaped baking dish this would be even better) before laying slices of bacon across the top

Cook this for about an hour – where the bacon is crispy and beef is thoroughly cooked.

And voila – a beautifully cooked Meatloaf for the family to enjoy.



And of course, for dessert, what else could you possibly indulge yourself in, other than a festive DGF cake – maybe Christmas Pudding or an Eggnog Blondie per chance?  

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