Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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This one hits the spot-the flavour of the raspberry just cuts through perfectly and is a perfect way of getting your Bakewell fix. Definitely a favourite and DGF are onto yet another winner here!

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Scott Marshall

Absolutely fantastic! Tastes delicious, by far the best Keto treats out there!

The Popular box
Helen Barclay
Not a fan

Found them way too wet (like uncooked cake) and strange strong aftertaste of that chemically sweetener taste. The brownie was my least favourite - had that weird after taste without being particularly sweet! Almost tasted savoury.

I love these

There are some things you miss when low carb and these little bars just hit the spot so nicely.
Just placed yet another order for some and of course many other yummy items.
I do try and make my own treats, but they never as nice as DGF ones.

Blueberry And Lemon Drizzle Cakes Box of 8
Mrs.Jacqueline Sharon Camilletti
Birthday treat

First time I tried DGF as my husband has just been diagnosed with diabetes and put himself on a Keto diet and I needed some cakes for his birthday. He thoroughly enjoyed these Blueberry and Lemon drizzle cakes, just wish there had been more!


Really great cakes & bakes with very friendly service. Thank you.

Is there a 6 star option…?!

Notella blondes are so delicious! They absolutely satisfy my sweet tooth. I microwave on low to defrost/warm up, add in a portion of extra chopped hazelnuts to bulk it out and top with squirty cream to make a full dessert, perfect for keto! They are perfect on their own for a more snacky treat x

Sorry but very disappointed

Having read the reviews I ordered both the milk, white and lemon and blueberry versions. They all arrived very quickly. Having tried all of them I was very disappointed with flavours, the milk version was not very chocolatey, the white version had a very odd flavour and didn't really taste of chocolate. The lemon flavour came through on that version but the blueberry flavour was lost and again you couldn't really taste the chocolate. I really wanted to enjoy this chocolate but the flavours just weren't there.

Not good

I've been waiting on this to come back in stock to write this review. This tasted awful, too sweet with an artificial aftertaste. I still have them in my freezer going on two months thinking about ways I can fix them t. My fave from this site is the notella blondie but I'm too nervous to try a different flavour as they are not cheap


I recommend these for diabetic vegans


Loved these cookies! Best keto cookies I’ve had. I ordered a lot of cakes from this website and everything is absolutely delicious 😋

Terrible taste

To call them brownies is a very false claim, more like cardboard in the shape of brownies would be more accurate.

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Sheena Evans
Absolutely delicious

Absolutely delicious

Choc cip Leto cookies

Delicious (and healthy) snack options.

White Chocolate

I love the chocolate. It's very light and just sweet enough so as not to make your sugar brain go crazy. One portion (4 squares) is enough to cure that chocolate craving and it won't leave you with that awful sugar crash. Go buy some now!

A Keto must have!

These were absolutely delicious and have saved me from throwing in the Keto towel more than once! Delivered v quickly, packaged beautifully and the box fitted through the letter box. I may have to buy these every week!

Keto Brownie Box of 8
Christine Niven
Keto brownie

Real chocolate hit fudgy and dark

The Popular box
Tracey Dilloway
New to Keto

Quick delivery and absolutely delicious , can’t wait to try more flavours 😋

My favourite

I’ve tried a fair few of the DGF products now and I can safely say the lemon drizzle are my absolute favourite. They are easily better than standard lemon drizzle and are the perfect treat size. Just have to be careful not to eat the whole box in one go! No strange sweetener aftertaste either! Please don’t stop making these!

Happy Hubby

I can't say for myself because I do not like raspberries. My husband loves them and he loves the blondies! I've reordered them a few times. You'd be proud if you saw the happy light in his eyes when they arrive. ;)

A little disappointed

This is difficult to write, maybe it’s because all the other DFG products we have tried have been amazing. However we found ‘powdery’ and a little dry. So to resolve this will pop in the microwave and warm through and then pop some clotted cream on them. The flavour is tasty just a tad dry for our palette.


I enjoy one of these cookies at the end of the day with a hot drink..lovely flavour!

Keto Milk Chocolate Bar Bundle - Buy 2 get 1 free (3 bars)
Clancy Steer

Wonderful chocolate! I love it. Will you do a dark chocolate version next? Possibly with added hazelnuts? I’d buy shed loads of that…

Millionaire's Shortbread Box Of 6


They certainly live up to the company name! Absolutely Delicious (and guilt free 😊)