Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Gorgeous Keto brownies!

You seriously would not know the difference! Gorgeous tasting Keto brownies!

Keto Milk Chocolate
Alissa McBride

Really nice, creamy, good quality chocolate. I like the 40% cocoa content – I prefer my milk chocolate quite chocolatey. Also this is not too sweet. Thank you DGF!

Double deliciousness!

Both of these are scrumptious. Blueberry and lemon is nice and tangy with the Bakewell being just nicely sweet. Enjoyed warm with cream and also on there own with a cup of tea. 😀

Quick delivery

I love it,

Just what I’d been looking for

Amazing!!!! Soft, pliable, no weird aftertaste (which I’ve found with some other low carb products from different manufacturers). Almost magic how you make these so good with only 4 ingredients!!! Keep innovating, we love it

Very tasty

Recently tried these and really enjoyed eating a wrap, the first wrap I have had since going low carb in 2017. Very tasty. I froze mine to extend their life expectancy and they defrost well.

Guilt Free?

I really LOVE these cakes. But it’s funny, even though I know the carb count and know that they are well within my Macros, I still have a guilty pang. Surely nothing that taste that good is Keto friendly. 🥰😂😂


Love them thank you!

Definitely give these a go.

Although I don’t miss bread in my low carb way of eating, I do miss picking something up with my hands to eat it as I eat most of my lunches with a knife and fork now. These wraps have revolutionised my lunch menu and the way I eat! I’ve ordered some more for my freezer.


Lovely chocolate, all eaten! couldn't just eat a little and leave it.

Very convincing

This is my favourite kind of cake and so when I saw they did an alternative I was straight in there to buy some. No disappointments here! Lovely flavour

Tasty wraps

Loved these just as much as the plain wraps. Filled up with any savoury foods and dinner is served. Planning to warm them up and have with curries, fajitas and so on in future. Dan you are a marvel. 🥰

Lemon Drizzle Cakes Box of 8
Elpiniki Papadimitriou
Love these

Absolutely delicious! My favourite low carb treat!

Keto Wrap Pack of 6 Wraps
Sharlene Obrien
Best keto wraps

Taste better than carb heavy wraps! My fave so far!

Absolutely fabulous

What a great idea for lunches! And can be used as lasagne sheets too!

Delicious white chocolate

Love this chocolate, and it is creamy and sweet to my liking - I do like quite sweet choco. So naturally will be reordering soon. Must try everyone. Thank you.


These are genuinely a game changer for my long term keto lifestyle. They’re delicious as a wrap, but amazing as a pizza base, and as pizza is a weakness of mine, this is just a joy! Thank you Dan, I didn’t think you’d match the chocolate, but these are just as good

Finally, a sugar-free cake I love!

This was DELICIOUS — lovely and sweet without being sickly, the first time I’ve found a low-carb cake I really enjoy. I’ll be ordering again!

Keto White Coffee Chocolate
Janine Barber
Lovely chocolate

Great flavour and smooth texture

Not Brilliant

Thought they looked amazing, but they lacked the flavour of a millionaires shortbread, disappointing.

Good with lots is seasoning

Really good if heated up with lots is seasoning I bought plain ones.

Great for snacks

Love the Wraps for a snack or lunch with salad inside. Also great with soup.

Great wraps

So good to finally have a wrap that tastes good . Thank you

Love this selection.

Yummy, yummy, yummy. I love these cakes and the ones with white chocolate are extra delicious. What a treat.

Omj... The deliciousness...

I received mine today, the chocolate hearts are AMAZING!!! Definatly my fave.

The kit is huge, more then expected, I can't wait to chow down on more of these.

These cakes keepe going at work, I'm so happy these guys did such an amazing set of scrummyness for a decent price....and all keto ❤️💙❤️💙