Peppa Pig Super Potato 5 a day - really?

May I share something that really gets on my nerves?

Peppa Pig and the nonsense nutrition message that it spreads.

I was minding my own business, doing house chores when I noticed my little lad's cartoon was playing a song that went like this.

"Fruit and vegetables keep us alive
Always remember to eat your five
Wiggle your hips and do our jive
Always remember to eat your five
One, two, three, four, five!"

Now before I start I want to say that I do eat vegetables, sometimes berries but not sugary fruits. 

However my issue with this isn't that it's pro-plant foods but rather how mixed a message it sends. 

It's sung by a potato! A spud! A carb filled yam that wasn't even on the menu until relatively recently.  

Not only this, but as this is an educational song, where is the evidence that 5 fruit and veg a day "keeps us alive"? 

No wonder there is an ongoing nutrition war between experts and interested amateurs like me.

It's all so confusing and where is the song about healthy fats or how protein is the building blocks for our body?

Ok, I'll calm down now, however you get my point. 

Personally, I try to cut back on my carbs, don't eat bread, rice, pasta or potatoes (sorry super spud) and eat mostly meat like beef, lamb and chicken plus fish now and then and green leafy vegetables. 

If I want something sweet then I eat one of my own cakes or cookies that I make and now sell so you can too. 


Thank you for letting me get that off my chest!

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