Best keto podcasts 2021?

I love podcasts, unlike video or blogs, I learn way more from podcasts and I find I can concentrate for way longer. It was hard to choose but I decided to take the plunge and to make a list in order of my top 5 favourites.


1. The Diet Doctor - My first podcast and in my opinion still one of the best out there. Great info and very clearly explained. Also very constantly good whereas some other podcasts out there can have their off days. 

2. Keto for Normies Podcast - Love the dynamic of Megha and Matt of Keto Connect as they and their little one follow the keto way of life. 

3. The Fat Emperor - Ivor Cummings is a very interesting host and uses data to make his points in a logical and clear way 

4. Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl - This is one of the first podcasts I came across while learning about Keto and I dip into it now and then. Good for personal perspective and great tips.

5. The Keto Podcast - Does what it says on the tin and is both enjoyable and informative to listen too. I particularly love how this show breaks down information so that a lay person like me can understand the science behind this amazing way of living. 


If you'd like to check out my podcast UK Low Carb then feel free. Here is an episode with Gary Taubes, another with Dr David Unwin and this one with Dr Aseem Malhotra 




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