Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Platinum MayPoll Bundle
Marisa Chrominski
Sweet treats

I decided to treat myself to the maypole platinum bundle as an introduction to deliciously guilt free products. I haven't tried them all yet, but it's looking good. The notella cookies are thin and crisp and hit the spot, I'm looking forwards to trying the pecan and caramel ones - I like the fact that they're individually wrapped so easy to take out or for a packed lunch. So far my favourites have been the blondies; little squares of deliciousness, just the right amount if you nibble at them. I hope I've saved the best for last as lemon drizzle is the one I saved until last! I froze all the packs on receipt and take one out for a special treat in the evening.... yummy!

Sweet, sweet, sweet

The millionaire's shortbread is a long finger of sweetness - overwhelming sweetness, too much for my personal taste. There are other treats here that are so much better in my opinion.

Raspberry Bakewell Blondie Box of 8

Coffee & Walnut Cake Box of 8
Pauline Cant
Yummy, good lot of walnuts.

These cakes are very tasty, nice crunch walnuts.

Way Over Priced

Not worth the money.

ยฃ12.99 excluding shipping for only 6 is insane.

Why don't they list how much is butter? it's not a good sign when first on the list of ingredients is a sweetener.


Delicious, wouldnโ€™t have known they were a low-carb option.

Espresso Milk Chocolate 100g Bar
Perfect with a cuppa

Expresso Milk Chocolate is perfect with a cuppa and also as an after dinner treat.

MayPoll yumminess

So far the Coronation Cake has been the favourite but lots of variety in this bundle and nothing has disappointed. Milk chocolate so great with my evening cuppa. Wraps always great when I can't be bothered cooking in the evening. Live the lot of it and only problem is not eating everything in one go! ๐Ÿคฃ

Garlic and Herb Keto Wrap Pack of 6 Wraps


These are fantastic cookies I buy TONS every month! Yum!

Pretty yummy

Pecan one was best of the bunch. Well packaged, fresh on arrival. Fruit fillings needed more sharpness.

Coffee & Walnut Cake Box of 8
Janine Thomas
Very yummy

I love coffee and walnut but with diabetes cannot usually enjoy it. Until I discovered Dans at Deliciously Guilt Free. It is wonderful.

Tasty and Value for Money

These great bars of chocolate are not only delicious but they are also great value for money! Thanks DGF for another fantastic treat!

Garlic and herb wrap

Much tastier than carby wraps! A quick easy meal -just add protein . Filling and delicious.

Yummy brownies

These brownies far exceeded my expectations. A lovely texture, not too sweet and very rich chocolate flavour!

Delicious cakes!!

Absolutely delicious cakes, canโ€™t be faulted.

Amazing orange chocolate!

Love this chocolate! Tastes better than the sugar version! Thank you!


Delicious (and guilt free!๐Ÿ˜‡) filled with pulled lamb, or pulled beef with some homemade butter-mustard-mayo. They are a lovely spiced flavour, (with no chilli type 'heat') and I will look forward to getting more with my next order.

Keto Roti 6 Roti wraps
Joyce-Elayne Whitmore
five for taste 3 for packaging

Lovely taste to the Roti's but they came without being wrapped with paper in between and because they were quite wet it was impossible to separate them. The taste was brilliant but let down by the packing, Sorry

Keto White Chocolate 100g bar
Estefania Llorente
Nice taste

I liked the taste of this bar and it has the right amount of sweetness but didn't enjoy the texture, ended up using it on recipes (it was lovely on cheesecake).

Really nice with a curry

I had them with a Butter chicken dish I made and they were really good.

As Good as it Gets ๐Ÿ’›

I purchased the Notella Keto Eggs this time aroundโ€ฆthere were 8 in a box and Iโ€™m ashamed to say I ate the lot in 2 days they were that delicious! Gonna wait a few days before placing my third order ๐Ÿ’›

Super delcious wraps

I love the chilli wraps! Its sooo nice to be able to get some keto friendly wraps that taste AMAZING and are reasonably priced.
The freeze well ans dont take too long to defrost either. Win win!

Gold White Chocolate 100g bar
Joyce-Elayne Whitmore
Creamy and delicious and guilt free

So creamy and tasty, I have found it extremely hard to resist not eating the whole bar

Gold White Chocolate 100g bar
Gold White Chocolate