Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Truely loved the wraps and rottis

Another winner!

While I was already a fan of DGF’s St Clement’s cakes and Salted Caramel Blondies, which I sampled in previous selection boxes, the Raspberry Buttercream Brownies were a revelation and definitely my favourite so far of DGF’s chocolate based cakes. The Black Forest Crumble is the only cake I couldn’t really get excited about in this selection. The texture is nice but I found that the flavours are so subtle it doesn’t leave much of an impression. I wonder if Dan might find a way to punch this one up a bit with a stronger fruit flavour and/or sweeter crumble on top? Anyway, overall, I am very pleased with this selection and the variety and deliciousness it offers.

Delicious selection

Love all the flavours - good mix.
I was expecting something inside both the orange (bit of orange peel) and passionfruit (notella) ones as shown on the website description. But they were still lovely and so I gave 5 stars and have ordered another box


I love having a bar of this in my fridge for when I just want a little sweet treat to go with a tea or coffee. It’s just enough to stop me reaching for anything sugar filled and l actually prefer it now.

Perfect Keto-Cakes

DGF has done it again. These cakes are the perfect balance of sweet, moist, and rich to fill that need for a Keto friendly treat. I’ve set up a subscription for these and the Bakewell blondes as between the two I don’t feel the need for much else in the sweet-treat line.

Mouldy in a day.

The wraps went mouldy in 1 day. I will not be reordering. Don’t know if it was a faulty batch but was disappointed.


These are simply scrumptious, I challenge anyone to be able to tell they're low-carb at all, they have the texture and crunchy top of the finest lemon drizzle. I don't even normally choose lemon cake but these really are divine!

Keto Milk Chocolate
Gaynor Gulaiczuk

It lovely and you only need 2 pieces as a snack

Orange Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Eggs

Yummy 😋
One of my favorite eggs so far!


Stunning cakes, so moreish! Really helps to stay on plan with keto as I have a very sweet tooth.. Just bought more!!

Raspberry White Chocolate Bar
Best chocolates around

Love these chocolates
They taste lovely
Can't belief they are low carb and sugar free

Such a treat

I loved this mixed box, totally delicious, I cut them into halves to make them last longer!

One of their best cakes ever

I was never really a fan of Bakewell anything before trying DGF’s version. I have to say it is one of my favourites of their cakes. Everything about it is perfect (taste, texture, appearance). I hope they will keep them on the menu as I could easily add these to my staple keto-cake list.


So so good. Love the chocolate orange cinnamon flavour with a little crunch from the pecans. Yummy.


Awesome products and no added rubbish ingredients


Brownies were a little dry for me


Cannot believe that these tasty bite sized cakes are so low in net carbs. Absolutely yummy !!

Lemon Drizzle Cakes Box of 8
Nicole Beckingham
Delicious and helped me reverse my diabetes

Having been diagnosed as diabetic with a HBA1C reading of 52 before Xmas my boyfriend bought me a mixed box for me to try. They were yummy and with the help of these to curb sweet cravings and stop me feeling I was missing out im pleased to say start of April just had my HBA1C is down to 38 and out of the diabetic range. I have just placed an order myself to help me keep it up. Thankyou so much for making such a tasty product

Garlic wraps

Very tasty. They make great enchiladas and pizza bases! 🍕 😋

Delicious chocolate!

These small bars are perfectly proportioned for keto on the go!


Amazing taste and brilliant treat for my diet. I was sceptical when first I came across these as I was worried about the flavour being hugely compromised, but I'm so glad I gave it ago. The brownies are rich and chocolatey, even better when served with some cream. Absolute lifesaver for my sweet tooth.

Keto Milk Chocolate
Crystal Mustchin
Great chocolate although perhaps could be a little sweeter?

Dan & team, as we know I love all your products! This chocolate is amazing and I’ve been eating it since it was first released although it’s starting to taste a little less sweet? Maybe it’s just me or this particular bar but it’s still awesome and creamy and tastes like chocolate should taste 😊

Great taste

I am loving this for the mere fact that it won't spike my blood sugar when eaten. A bit pricey though.

Easter Chocolate Bar
Favourite chocolate

Love this bar
Saved my easter
Love the different chocolate flavours insets

Silver Equinox Bundle
Weird aftertaste from sweentner

They all had a strange after taste which was a shame. They also seemed over sweetened too which meant the flavour was masked