Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Did not feel this was particularly luxury, except for the high price point. Didnt taste great - very synthetic and not at all like white chocolate.

Raspberry bakewell blondie

Absolutely loved these cakes. They are so tasty and delicious, and the best part is they don't affect my keto diet.
I can't believe something this tasty doesn't contain loads of carbs. Can highly recommend, and will definitely be buying more.

They are OK

They are OK but not for me


Really gorgeous flavour and texture - will definitely buy again

DGF Welcome Bundle
Marc Howell
Very tasty

The cakes and chocolate were delicious, just a little smaller than I had anticipated.

The best bread rolls I could try so far

It really tastes like real bread... I love it


Lovely guilt free treats especially if you are watching blood sugars

DGF Welcome Bundle
Michelle corbin
Wraps not good quality

Cakes and chocolate delicious but the wraps were not packed so good as out of the 3 packets ordered every pack had two wraps stuck together and broke up when trying to prize apart

Lovely wee cakes

The 8 cakes were lovely, although a bit sweet. They were well packed and just enough for having a treat whilst on low carb diet. They arrived in good time and I will order again. They are moist and did not dry out over the week I had them in my fridge. The flavours were great.


I wouldn’t be able to sustain Keto without a low carb guilty pleasure! This cake is delicious and I will definitely be ordering more


We loved every cake in the summer box, absolutely delicious and just what we needed when doing Keto, we just ordered more and can’t wait for them to arrive xx

Not sure

I’ve had two so far and at first they have a nice flavour and gooeyness to them but they leave a funny aftertaste that I have yet to experience with the other DGF chocolates and cakes. I hope that the vegan brownies won’t give off the same aftertaste as that’s my next go to.

Delicious, nutty and dense

Delicious cakes. All flavours were enjoyable and sweet enough but not sickly. I really enjoyed the texture and denseness of the cakes.

I live the keto bread rolls and coconut tortillas, I feel great when I consume these and am satisfied. I am feeling anxious when I eat them all as I have to wait a while until the next batch is posted.

Guilt Free and way happier

Excellent flavour and lasts for ages. Not cheap but worth the price if you are serious about reducing carb consumption. Taste great, straight from the fridge.

Luxury Couverture Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bar (40g)

Just delicious!

Seriously the best

Great product. Highly recommend.

Summer selection

Not my cup of tea unfortunately, in all honesty.
I much preferred the previous months selection. These have too much of that Erythritol after taste which ruins them.
There are other sugar substitutes out there that don’t leave the taste. Disappointed and struggling with this selection. Only the white chocolate blonde one is lovely. Summer fruitsi like but had to cut the thick layer of icing off as the cake underneath was ok. The others were wasted.
Loved the previous months and most all the other cakes I’ve bought so far but sadly this selection I wish I’d not bought two boxes and had one and different one I knew I liked!
Will buy others again next time


So glad I got this bundle with the price lock! It’s such great value for money. I put it off for a while as wanted to taste other keto chocolate brands but I still like these the most. My favourite ones are the chocolate orange and white chocolate. Have been 60 days on keto now and don’t feel the least bit deprived with all the yummy treats from deliciously guilt free. Thank you!

Love it

The orange flavour chocolate is my favourite. Trouble is I can’t stop eating it! It’s so easy to eat a whole bar of the smaller size bars.

Not as tasty as the brownies

Quite nice but a bit bland when eaten on their own compared to the brownies. When we ate them with cream and raspberries then they were much more lovely.

Really great wraps that kept me sugar neutral
Will buy again!!

Loved these
A fantastic alternative with great taste that doesn't affect my blood sugar!!!
So glad I tried these
Will 100% buy again

Keto chocolate chip cookies

Absolutely delightful, just melts in the mouth.

Absolutely delicious. Blow us away. Thank you we will be back. Our keto family and all us loved then. 5 stars doesn’t do them justice. You deserve 10 stars a very happy Sue Britton