Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Delicious & Smooth Milk Chocolate, I will definitely be ordering this again to Satisfy my Craving

Keto chocolate heaven

I dare you to order this and NOT be tempted to eat the whole thing - however it is so good that a couple of squares is perfect. Yes it cost more than what you buy in the supermarket - this is a premium hand krafted product with no emulsifiers. Its all good. I am reordering for xmas. Thanks team x

Black Forest Crumble 8 low carb cakes

Very tasty!

Gorgeous little cakes


These are excellent,they're nicer than a normal non keto seeded roll,and with 0.7 carbs per roll,these are the best rolls i've tasted that are low carb,and i've tried alot.

Are they mince pies?

I enjoyed the taste of these,but they are like a forest fruits crumble type of dessert,they aren't very mince pie like for me,and you need pastry for a proper mince pie this was more of a crumble,don't get me wrong they are very tasty but i got no spice or mince pie texture from these,and for 17 pounds a bit underwhelmed,albeit very tasty.

(Not so) Naughty but Nice!

Only tried a couple so far because I'm saving them for the "main event" but really yummy & I'm feeling pleased that I won't feel like I'm missing out over Christmas while everybody else is on chocolate overload!

Luxury chocies

Have to confess that I bought the luxury calendar as a box of chocolates and not to use as an advent calendar. I’m already on the 6th December ☺️these chocolates are so lovely and indulgent. Each flavour as lovely as the last. Not sure if the box is going to last until the 25th 🤭

Amazing wraps

Delicious and great texture too

Decent effort but nor quiet what I was expecting... Not sure if I would purchase again but then again of you are on a low carb lifestyle!!!

Better Than The Real Thing

These are just delicious and are guilt free 😇. I make some rum cream to serve with the warm mince pie 😋

What a treat!

So delicious. We shall be ordering again soon.


These arrived today and I couldn't wait to try them. 20secs warmed in my 1000w microwave and it came together as a moist ,fruity ,nutty pudding with all the correct spices The only thing missing is Brandy so please Dan add it next year!! Thrilled I can eat Christmas pud again after all these years of being diabetic and controlling mostly on a low carb/keto diet.


Absolutely delicious

Bakewell Blondie box

Love these as my daily treat being diabetic. My husband has become quite partial too.

Guiltfree Christmas cake selection

This box is wonderful value. It has my all time favourite Crimble Crumbles as I call them with the keto mincemeat, the wonderfully rich orange brownies, the luxury milk chocolate thickly topped gingerbread and the festive cranberry and orange blondies. They are also good for presents to any diabetic friend.

Christmas Hamper Value

What a bargain this is! Not only does it have the mince pies and Christmas puddings that I wanted to try (the pudding comes together wonderfuly once warmed) but my all time favourites Crimbo Crumble as well as shortbread which I was running out of and all the other goodies that I usually buy anyway. I can't believe I saved myself £30 on this bundle of festive joy. Can't recommend it enough!!

Guilt free pies!!!

I can't remember the last year I had a pie as I have been low carb for 20 years. The pastry is really light and delicious and the filling wonderfully flavoursome . I liked the idea of a crumbly top rather than a pastry top. I will be buying double cream to have my next one with!!

Great low
carb count but not very nice

Nice flavour but not much to it for the cost

Not had them yet

This was absolutely lush best brownie I’ve tasted in a long while


Loved it

These are incredible
Better than normal bread

Raspberry Jammy Cookies - Box of 4 cookies

Amazing cookies
I loved them