Welcome to Deliciously Guilt Free the home of the best keto cakes and chocolate and now wraps and bread too!

You may have noticed that we charge a little more for the wraps and bread. However as a Ketoroma customer we'll hold that price for you in a very special, time limited offer.

The low carb wraps you love. We stock garlic and herb, wraps and the keto bread rolls. PLUS for this offer these are frozen at the Ketoroma price of only £6.50 for wraps and we'll bring down the price and offer £6.50 for rolls too.
Some of our delicious keto cakes, discounted down to make a little welcome to you and to help you try what our current customers are absolutely in love with.
I'll also throw in some free keto chocolate bars too for absolutely nothing, totally free. You get to choose which flavours.

All this costs - £67.72 BUT not for you

As you are new to us I have a better offer for you

Welcome to DGF Wraps Bundle

Welcome to DGF Wraps Bundle

Welcome to DGF Wraps Bundle

Regular price $90.00 Sale price $75.00 Save $15
1) Keto Cakes
2) Wraps
3) Luxury Couverture Chocolate

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