All you need to know about keto sweeteners with ratings 2024

So we think it's really important to know what you're using in your life, sweetener wise. We know some say they're sugar-free or lower calorie but what does it do to your glucose levels and insulin levels? Find out our best picks! 


It's so important to look at the nutritional info on anything you're using for keto that you didn't make yourself. Companies use a number of different sweeteners for a variety of reasons and it's good to make yourself aware of what works for you and what works in your diet/ lifestyle. 



Things to look for when looking at macros and ingredients: 

- maltodextrin (high carb, no nutritional benefits) 

-dextrose (high carb, no nutritional benefits) 

This can be added as a filler to a number of sweeteners and so the carb count will be higher than it needs to be. 

- the net carb count. In America, you need to subtract the fibre from the carbs but in the EU and UK, you need to only subtract the polyols if they're listed. 




Erythritol facts:

calories - 0

carbs - 0 

status - sugar alcohol 

taste - 3/5

drawbacks - some cooling experienced if a recipe is all erythritol based



calories - virtually calorie-free in normal consumption

carbs - virtually carb-free as such a small amount is needed

status - plant-based sweetener 

taste -4.5/5 

drawbacks - some menthol/ plant-like taste on occasion but overall really good and natural alternative. Would recommend. Make sure it isn't mixed with maltodextrin or other starches. 



calories - 210 calories per 100g

carbs - 8g per 100g

status - root fibre 

taste - 5/5 

drawbacks - it has calories and carbs but is a really good sugar alternative as it doesn't cause a large rise in insulin or glucose. 



calories- 0

carbs - 0 

status - artificial sweetener

taste- 5/5 

drawbacks - often mixed with dextrose or maltodextrin 



calories - 240 per 100g

carbs - xylitol still has a glycemic index of 13, some see an increase in glucose and insulin levels on consumption but it is much less than regular sugar. Should be used in small doses. 

status - sugar alcohol 

taste - 5/5

drawbacks - calories and carb counts differ between brands. Hard to guess what the carb count is but it is a much better alternative to white sugar. 



calories - 210 per 100g

carbs - 52g per 100g

status - sugar alcohol 

taste - 5/5 

drawbacks. - calories and high carbs with a glycemic index of between 35-52. Would not recommend to anyone on a ketogenic diet as it will kick you out of ketosis.  




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