Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Excellent wraps!!! Thank you!!

Keto Cookie & Millionaire shortbread.

My girlfriend is on a keto diet as it helps with her epilepsy, it can be difficult to find treats to enjoy.

I ordered the cookies and millionaire shortbread as a birthday surprise, they tasted brilliant and really enjoyed them.

Would recommend.


Really enjoyed these!


Tasting this chocolate feels luxurious because not only is it very creamy in taste, but very creamy in texture. The combination makes for an absolutely delicious treat!

Lovely company, sadly can't recommend taste

Lovely company, great communication, packaged well but sadly most of the cakes tasted so strongly of chemicals/ something unpleasant I couldn't get past the first bite or two. Its the after taste too! The lemon option was slightly better, but despite my hopes that this could be my new favourite I couldn't recommend this to eat. I normal ly don't mind things that are a bit synthetic, but this really affected the flavour. I would love this to improve as I said before the company seemed really great.

Love it.

I must admit, I have never been a great fan of shortbread even as a child (and I am 74 now). However, the DGF shortbread is gorgeous and the dark chocolate topping is literally the icing on the cake. I'll soon be back to you for more.


Love these, they will help keep me on the straight and narrow. I personally think they would be nice even without the chocolate on top. Thank you DGF

Chilli wraps

They r the most amazing wrap I have tasted and so handy I put mine in freezer take one out that morning when I want it for lunch


Omg these are definitely worth trying . So tasty

Game changer

Lovely texture! Good size and value.

Good idea but sadly bad quality and no customer service

I ordered the Keto wraps and Millionaire shortbread but sadly they didn’t live up to the hype. Keto wraps received were past the expiration date. I emailed the company to inform them asking for an explanation but never heard back, even after a follow up email. The Millionaire Shortbread was ok but way to sweet to my and my household’s taste.

Chilli wraps

Well these wraps are amazing. We fry them quickly and then fill.
Our fav filling is curried pork. If you are on a low carb plan these need to be at the top of your list.

Prefer this to non-keto milk chocolate!

I was sceptical but am so impressed by this keto milk chocolate. It’s very hard to restrict yourself but it doesn’t matter if you want to indulge as net carbs count is great. Dan and team have done a grand job with this product.

Yummy brownies

These are my favourite from DGF. Lovely and chocolately, not too sweet, soft and gooey and no after taste. I highly recommend with berries and creme fraiche...delicious!


A good selection of flavours to showcase the variety of DGF cakes. I love having a mixture in one box. I used to spend ages rewrapping individual cakes to make my own mixed boxes for the freezer. This is so much easier.

Great Keto cakes

Amazingly priced delicious Keto goodies. Not to be missed. Well recommended

I love them.

Yummy cakes that I can have without causing sugar spikes. Love the lemon drizzle taste.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownies Box of 8


I’ve tried very hard to plan an intelligent review for this chocolate but frankly, who cares. It’s amazing chocolate, a creamy taste and texture and a lovely smooth chocolatey taste. Absolutely lovely.


These taste just like the real thing and are my new favourite.

Too dense and wet

I appreciate it's not easy to replciate a cake and think these guys are doing a great job, but this one didn't land for us. The coffee and walnut is much more palatable - even though it's a little fudge-like.


Tasty, well priced and fast delivery.

Kito cookies

My grandson has been trying to lose weight but low carbs is not always easy so having a keto cookie has been a rewarding treat.

Lovely cakes guilt free

Nice lemony taste but still a little too sweet on my keto pallet


not nice tasting at all