Best Keto and Low Carb podcasts in the UK 2021? (with Reviews/Ratings)

As the podcast host of UK Low Carb I am often asked which other podcasts are out there that I listen to but that are also homegrown for the UK keto community. Well it is an easy one to answer and here are my top five 

1. The Canteen Podcast is a classic of the low carb space in the UK and Ally Houston it's host is really knowledgable. Great guests and brilliant science chat that has helped me to learn so much since starting this journey 

2. Fabulously Keto This is a new podcast and has already had a brilliant start with great content from Jackie and Louise who are both knowledgable and entertaining. They have had some amazing guests and are top podcasters 

3. Keto Woman I'm a big fan of Daisy Brackenhall and I have been luckily enough to be a guest on her show. Daisy has a great natural style and now that she's moved back in the UK and so a top five UK podcast for me

4. Fat and Furious is a brilliant podcast based on the book of the same name both made by Steve Bennett. Steve has his own amazing journey and shares this while also talking to the experts. Love it and so will you. 

5. Simple as Fat Jon Gaunt hosts this show and I love Jon's down to earth honest approach to his own health journey. It's really inspirational to see how he reversed his diabetes and by learning about nutrition and having a daily walk he is more fitter now more than ever 

If you are interested in my podcast UK Low Carb then here is a link to a recent episode I recorded with Gary Taubes



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