Real Food Rocks UK Low Carb Festival 2019

The UK has a low carb festival happening this summer! Our low carb and keto community friends in the USA are spoilt for choice. They have Low Carb USA San Diego, Keto Fest, Keto Con..even a Low Carb Cruise! But we in the UK don't need to feel left any more because we have our very own low carb festival happening in the UK and our excitement here at Deliciously Guilt Free has reached 11/10 over it. On Saturday the 20th of July 2019, at the stunning Lake District location of Brathay Hall, Real Food Rocks is taking place. Real Food Rocks is a day festival that will celebrate everything low carb, with an incredible line-up of renowned speakers on the topic of low carb and sugar- free. The festival is being organised by the Public Health Collaboration, a charity that campaigns to raise awareness of the benefits of a low carb diet among the public and health professionals. 

Highlights at Real Food Rocks 2019:



Dr Aseem Malhotra 

Dr Malhotra is an NHS cardiologist who leads the fight campaigning against excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption. He is well known for challenging current nutrition practice within the NHS and lobbying the government to raise awareness of the benefits of a sugar-free diet. 



Dr David Unwin 

A GP based in Southport, Dr. Unwin has been a family doctor since 1986 and has won national recognition for his work treating type 2 diabetes in his patients using a low carbohydrate diet, saving the NHS thousands of pounds in drugs his patients no longer need. In 2016 he won the NHS National Innovator of the Year Award for his work. His work has been featured in New Scientist, the British Medical Journal  and in the 2018 BBC documentary "The Truth About Carbs". 


The festival will also feature music, family entertainment, and an evening event with a low carb dinner and concert. Tickets and further information can be found here. Further information about the valuable work of the Public Health Collaboration can be found here.









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