UK Low Carb Dr David Unwin Special Podcast

What a privilege this interview with Dr David Unwin was to record. The time flew by and after 2 hours talking we had to stop as other diary events were clashing. However I could have listened to Dr Unwin all day long! 
Dr David Unwin is a really special person. He is someone who first reflected on his own career and then changed his whole thinking on the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. This has culminated in the remission of many peoples Type 2 Diabetes and saved the NHS £57,000 a year on drug budgets. 
David Unwin joins me in this first part of our chat to share his own experiences of health over the last 40 years and how he has seen society change to becoming more ill because of the food we eat. We also discussed evolution and diet, how he had a Damascus like meeting that was the catalyst to a paradigm shift in his practice. We get to also hear the thinking behind how David Unwin helps a patient to help themselves and an insight into the care that he has for his patients. This is a really wonderful conversation and I think you'll get as much out of it as I did. 

Enjoy the weekend and check out part 2 next Friday 

Dan Greef 


Welcome back to part 2 of the Dr David Unwin special podcast episode. Last time we heard how Dr Unwin would approach a conversation with a patient about changing their lifestyle. This time we kick off with a roll-play where I play the patient and Dr David Unwin plays the role of…Dr David Unwin! We also discussed the societal beliefs about exercise to lose weight compared to diet, and how cruel the way that many judge heavy people when in fact they need help. We also roll played how he builds hope in his patients and that they need to be given the full pros of giving up carbs.

I then shared with David Unwin some common addictions and we discussed why it appears to be controversial to say sugar and carbohydrate is addictive. Dr Unwin shared his own food issues with biscuit eating and how moderation is a false term because having an issue food is a real challenge for many of us.


Finally we discussed the questions posed by you our amazing listeners from my UK Low Carb Facebook group.

Dr David Unwin is a really wonderful person to talk to and to show him your appreciation please Tweet #HeyDrDavid to @LowCarbGP Let’s bombard him with our admiration on Twitter!