Do you need to be gluten free on keto? Is gluten bad for a keto diet?

Are you worrying about including gluten in your diet?

While there is coeliac disease, which is a severe medical condition, there is also a new found intolerance called non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. This is said to affect around 10% of the population.

So do you need to avoid gluten on keto? We'll answer this below!



What common foods contain gluten?

In the standard diet, you will have an abundant amount of gluten intake from wheat containing products, cereal, pasta and most premade food. This would've made up around 40% of your diet.

With a keto diet, you will usually have cut out almost all of these sources due to the grain free nature of the diet, but the carbs are the reason why these foods are cut out rather than the gluten in most cases. 



Why use vital wheat gluten?

The wheat is gone but the only part that remains is the gluten. This gluten is not only low carb but is all high in protein (75g per 100g) making it a great ingredient in your low carb kitchen! It is amazing as a binder in all things low carb, bread, pizza, any form of dough.

It can also be used as a meat replacement ingredient in vegan/ vegetarian foods. This is because it improves the texture and binding nature of these foods. 

It is also only 13g carbs per 100g, which makes it a perfect addition to a lower carb diet in small amounts. It also contains a good amount of iron and phosphorus.



What's the problem with gluten?

It is likely that a number of people who believe they are intolerant to gluten, may in fact be intolerant to wheat instead. This is because they are usually hand in hand in baked goods.

Gluten isn't necessary in our diets and so there are no issues with avoiding it but if you do have coeliac disease or other sensitivity then follow the advice of your medical professional.



Gluten free doesn't always mean healthier

Gluten free flours can be made of a number of different starches, especially ingredients like rice flour, tapioca starch, cassava and corn/ corn starch. These are extremely high GI flours and so will have a much higher insulin level with consumption which can cause excess fat storage. 

Vital wheat gluten however is low carb! 



Gluten and low carb, can you do both?

In certain low carb goods, you may find that there is a small amount of gluten. This is in some sausages, soups or seasonings. The keto diet is usually gluten free but by cutting it out you could develop a sensitivity to gluten via eliminating it, which can account for IBS symptoms

If you're strict keto, you may want to miss out on gluten containing goods but there is no reason why the occasional treat can't be a part of your lifestyle.

For those more lenient with their diet, vital wheat gluten can play a vital protein role for those who don't eat meat for instance. It can also open up so many new products for your diet like low carb bread, pastries, cake and many new recipes to try.


What gluten free items to avoid?


-Rice flour

-Cassava starch

-Tapioca starch 

-Corn flour (masa) 

-Corn starch

-Potato starch


-Beans (most except soybeans)


These are all very high in carbs and so wouldn't fit in your keto/ low carb diet. 




Our favourite gluten containing recipe: 

The famous Diedres bread recipe:



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