The Public Health Collaboration virtual conference 2020

Last year we had an incredible time at the Public Health Collaboration's festival Real Food Rocks, and we wrote about it here. For those who aren't aware of their work, the Public Health Collaboration is a charity whose aim is to promote ditching sugar, carbs and processed food, and getting back to eating real food. 

This year- we were all geared up, with our gazebo at the ready for the Real Food Rocks festival in Oxfordshire. We were eager to catch up with the people we had met before, and to meet more people from the UK low carb community. For understandable reasons this year's Real Food Rocks 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak. We were delighted to hear that the Public Health Collaboration decided to stream their annual conference on YouTube.


Public Health Collaboration Conference 2020

Here are some of the highlights of the conference and a direct link to where you can watch the video:

Dr David Unwin. 7 Years of Low-carb At Norwood: Using our data to answer your questions. Watch here 

Dr Sarah Hallberg. COVID-19 and Diabetes. Watch here


One final thing- put Saturday 10th July 2021 in your diary for the next Real Food Rocks festival. I'm not exaggerating when I say that me and Dan had the time of our lives there- and we will definitely be there in 2021. 

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