Top 5 keto bloggers 2024, which ones to watch!

These are the top keto bloggers of 2020. There are so many keto bloggers we couldn't include on this list but they are also amazing! Who do you read and make recipes from? We'd love to hear your picks!


Keto connect

Matt and Megha from KetoConnect have been extremely helpful with our journey into keto. They have an amazing website and so many good recipes. Their YouTube channel has been instrumental in more people finding out about low carb. They do so many keto day of eating which has given us so much advice and a voice behind all of the overwhelming information available around keto. Our top pick for recipes is this 'air fryer chicken thighs'




Sugar free Londoner

Katrin (who we’ve had on the podcast here) of has a great array of recipes available for people. We have used a number of her recipes and she uses great ingredients in her recipes. One of the best recipes of hers we think is 'keto hot pockets' 



Wholesome yum

Maya at Wholesome Yum produces so many low carb and keto recipes. Almost all are gluten free and has so many good keto dessert recipes. One of the cleaner recipe blogs with some great vegetarian and vegan keto recipes. Her recipes are creative and so detailed with so many substitutions. Our top pick is this recipe for 'almond crackers'





Meat Free Keto

Liz is a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant specializing in whole food diets, food allergies/intolerances, special diets, and nutritional support for digestive health. We love Liz Macdowell’s recipes. As someone who has struggled with a baby with a whole host of suspected allergies Liz’s recipes have been great for nut free, gluten free and dairy free. Liz has so many great resources on keto sources of different vitamins and minerals without the need for supplements. Her recipes are super clean and some of her dishes are perfect even for the non vegans among us! This recipe for ramen looks so good and meat/ eggs could easily be added!


Headbanger's Kitchen

He’s been cooking since the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped since. His love for good food and cooking along with his passion for metal music inspired him to start Headbanger’s Kitchen in 2011.The paratha recipe is one of the best recipes we’ve tried. It is so simple and easy and the pay off is great! Curry recipes from this man are all insane and full of flavour! There are so many recipes that only have 5 ingredients like this chicken alfredo. A lot of the recipes are completely original and so tasty.

Some others to watch,

Cast Iron Keto

For all the men out there who need quick (but delicious!) recipes — especially if you’re starting off with eating one meal a day (OMAD) — Alex is your go to guy. He has simple instructions and beautiful photos (his recipes look like something from a bon appetit magazine), every recipe on Cast Iron Keto are simple even for beginners. Finally, if you’re a beginner, Cast Iron Keto has a section full of recommended products chopping boards to, of course, skillets!




I breathe I’m hungry

Mellissa Sevigny, author of The Gluten Free Low Carber: Craveworthy Recipes to Keep You Thriving on a Low Carb and/or Gluten Free Diet, started I Breathe I’m Hungry in the summer of 2011 to stay in contact with family and force herself to document her recipes. We really love Mellissa’s writing and of course her recipes. They’re great and for every single cooking ability.


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