5 ways to use your air fryer to stay on keto

We've been watching everyone raving about their air fryers so we finally decided to jump on the keto airfryer bandwagon and get one for ourselves. But we didn't want it to just sit on the counter languishing- we really wanted to get out there and see what it can do. 

So we decided to put together something on how to use your air fryer on keto. Specifically, we wanted to find some keto recipes that would be perfect to use in it! It turns out, they're super versatile and you can check out keto airfryer recipes below. We've also listed the ingredients so you can quickly find something to try today. 

What's an airfryer anyway?

An airfryer is an appliance that sits on your kitchen counter and uses hot air (and sometimes oil) to cook your food. One of their big selling points is that you need less oil to cook your food. 

But I'm on keto, I'm not scared of a bit of oil- whats the point?

Well the idea is that you still get that greasy, crispy fried effect- but for fewer calories. Airfryers are also convenient for meal prepping. Also- you can fry food without smelling like a chip shop at the end. Cleaning up is much easier too. 


Top 5 keto airfryer recipes to try today

1. All in one breakfast cooking-

Air Fryer Avocado Egg 

We all like to have hot breakfasts at some point (some of us enjoy them everyday) but the constant washing up or dishwashing plus the multiple pans that get used during the making of breakfast is a lot! So why not do breakfast all in one go! This recipe is easy to meal prep, and a great source of good fats. 

Ingredients needed:

  • avocados
  • eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cheddar, optional
  • fresh parsley















    What we would serve with this: 

    We think this would be great on it's own and some variations to the recipe would be ham and parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes or salmon and cream cheese

     Eggs cups - an easy keto breakfast option 

    These keto friendly egg cups are so easy and simple to make! You could also make them using turkey rashers or pastrami. They are great for prepping ahead of time, so you start your day with strong macros. They're also great as an all day snack and are easy to transport for a packed lunch too. 

    Ingredients needed:

    • bacon
    • eggs
    • green onions 
    • salt and pepper














      What we would serve with this: 

      This would be great with some celery, avocado slices or some berries on the side 


      2. Keto airfryer vegetable side dishes

      Veggie buffalo wings- the perfect keto air fryer side dish

      We think using the air fryer to make sides is such a good idea and uses less electricity than warming up the entire oven, is less messy and you can set it and forget it. 

      For a lighter lunch option or a great side to something a little heavier these keto buffalo wings are vegetarian and spicy!

       Ingredients needed:

      • cauliflower 
      • cooking oil 
      • buffalo sauce
      • butter
      • salt and pepper to taste














        Buffalo sauce can be difficult to get a hold of in the UK so we would use Nandos peri peri sauce or some siracha mix instead. You could also experiment with gojuchang (Korean chilli paste) 


        Air fryer cauliflower rice- a game changer  

        Cauliflower rice is a versatile firm favourite but sometimes it can just end up soggy and sad. An airfryer takes cauliflower rice to the next level. It gets the water out and, gets it dry enough to soak up flavourings

        We have this recipe here from fork to spoon: 

        Ingredients needed:

        • cauliflower rice
        • red pepper
        • olive oil spray















         What we would serve with this: 

        Cauliflower rice is so versatile but we think it goes especially well with chilli con carne, headbanger's chicken curry or just some pan fried salmon. To add to the cauliflower rice we would use some frozen grilled Mediterranean veggies or coriander and lime for Mexican dishes. 


        Crispy Brussels sprouts- sprouts but not as you know them

        Brussel sprouts get a bad press, but this keto Brussels sprout recipe is a million miles away from the soggy vegetable of your childhood nightmares. Its another great way to get use out of your air fryer and get your veggies in! Sprouts are in season in the UK from October to March. 

        Ingredients needed:



        • Brussels sprouts
        • butter 
        • garlic 
        • Parmesan
        • salt
        • pepper
        • red pepper flakes















          What we would serve with this:  

          Pan fried salmon, belly pork or steak. 

          For a roast you could also serve with a creamy cauliflower mash


          The best keto courgette chips (fries)

          Courgette (Zucchini) is a great low carb vegetable and is great to use in air fryer cooking for that crispy effect. We found this great keto courgette fries recipe 

          Ingredients needed:

          • zucchini
          • egg
          • almond flour
          • parmesan cheese
          • Italian seasoning
          • garlic powder
          • sea salt
          • black pepper
          • olive oil cooking spray

















            What we would serve with it:

            Byron burgers do these at their restaurant so we think this would be great with burgers, or any kind of meat. They are also great on their own, dipped in mayonnaise. One of our favourites, is this keto friendly garlic mayonnaise by Hunter and Gather. 


            Swede chips

            Swedes are good low carb veggies too - it is called Rutabaga in the USA. You can turn them into chips or fries easily using this airfryer swede chips recipe

             Ingredients needed:

            • Rutabagas (~24 oz each)
            • Avocado oil
            • Sea salt
            • Black pepper














              What we would serve with this:

              As this isn't breaded, we think this would be great with keto battered fish, fried chicken or any kind of grilled protein 


              3. The best fried keto chicken recipes for your air fryer: 

              Breaded chicken is something of downfall for me. But keto breaded chicken recipes satisfy the craving and can be amazing dupes for the real thing. 

              Classic airfyrer chicken tenders

              Airfryer chicken have gotten a keto makeover with this recipe from two sleevers.

               Ingredients needed:

              • Chicken tenderloins (could use breast or strips)
              • Eggs
              • Superfine Almond Flour
              • Parmesan cheese
              • Salt 
              • Pepper
              • Cajun seasoning
















                What we would serve this with:

                 This would be great with salad, steamed veggies or just with a sugar free dip.  


                Keto fried chicken (KFC) 

                On keto most people like to use thighs and drumsticks and with this recipe you can use both to make an amazing keto fried chicken 

                Ingredients needed:

                • Skin-On Chicken
                • Almond Flour
                • Salt 
                • Seasoning
                • Paprika
                • Garlic Powder
                • Black Pepper
                • Avocado or Olive Oil 
















                What we would serve this with:

                 This would be great with salad, steamed veggies or just with a sugar free dip.  You could also change it up for a chicken and waffle breakfast, or serve with cauliflower mash and gravy. 


                Keto chicken nuggets

                Who can forget the nuggets - kids love these airfyer keto chicken nuggets so it is not only low carb but family friendly too!

                Ingredients needed:

                • chicken tenders
                • pork rinds
                • parmesan cheese
                • paprika
                • garlic powder
                • mayo
















                  What we would serve this with:

                  This would be great with salad, steamed veggies or just with a sugar free dip. For the kids, they would love this with carrot batons and their favourite snacks for a meal platter. 


                  Keto wings

                  No matter how spicy (or not) you like your chicken wings these are perfect for a quick midweek snack or dinner with some of the keto sides above. Chicken wings are also relatively inexpensive, so great for keto on a budget. 

                  Ingredients needed:

                  • Chicken wings
                  • Baking powder
                  • Salt and pepper
                  • Optional flavours in the recipe
















                    What we would serve this with:

                    This would be great as a starter for some friends for game night or even with some veggies or salad. A blue cheese dip would be amazing or keto ranch.   


                    4. BBQ without the smoke

                    This vegan keto recipe for Korean BBQ tofu fries that can be done in the air fryer- perfect as a side or for anyone vegan. 

                    Ingredients needed:

                    • extra firm tofu
                    • low-sodium tamari
                    • sesame oil
                    • gochujang
                    • powdered ginger
                    • granulated garlic
                    • vegan mayo
                    • chives, for garnish






                      What we would serve this with: 

                      This would be a great side dish with burgers, steaks or even just with some veggies for a fully vegan meal. You could also use this as a keto side for a full Korean bbq. 


                      Airfryer keto baby back ribs

                      Keto baby back ribs in the air fryer are such a good way to get that smoky flavour without all the smoke and clean up!

                       Ingredients needed:

                      • baby back ribs
                      • garlic powder
                      • onion powder
                      • cayenne powder
                      • chili powder
                      • paprika
                      • black pepper
                      • salt
                      • cumin
                      • brown sugar sweetener (like erythritol gold or Lakanto Golden)
















                      What we would serve this with:

                      This would be great with salad, homemade coleslaw or keto fries. To add some spice, we would use tabasco or Nando's peri peri. 


                      BBQ steak in the air fryer

                      This BBQ steak is the perfect thing for a weekend dinner with your family. Top tip: get a nice thick cut steak!

                      Ingredients needed:

                      • steak tips
                      • KETO or any BBQ sauce















                        What we would serve this with:  

                        This would be great with cauliflower rice, swede fries and also this keto onion ring recipe.


                         5. Did someone say (airfryer) dessert?

                        While you might associate the airfryer with savoury dishes, it actually is quite versatile for making desserts also. We found these keto airfryer dessert recipes to try! 

                        Keto airfryer cheesecake bites!

                        These little keto cheesecake bites are perfect for meal planning and so easy to make. 

                         Ingredients needed:

                        • cream cheese
                        • erythritol
                        • double cream
                        • vanilla extract
                        • almond flour
















                          What we would serve this with: 

                          Berries and whipped cream would go so well with this recipe but you could also change around the recipe to do different flavours. Strawberry puree, melted dark chocolate or shredded coconut and lime zest would bring this recipe to the next level. 

                          Donut holes 

                          Fried donuts without the mess. This easy dessert fills that donut craving. 

                          Ingredients needed:

                          • active dry yeast
                          • warm water
                          • sugar for the yeast
                          • Carbquik Baking Mix
                          • unsalted butter
                          • granulated sweetener
                          • ground cinnamon
















                          What we would serve with this: 

                          You could make a nice chocolate dip with this using just dark chocolate, cream and sweetener to taste. Another idea could be to roll these in cinnamon sugar when they're just out the air fryer or make a glaze like this brown butter glaze.


                          Keto churros

                          Churros look like such a nice addition to your dessert rotation, serve with a dark chocolate sauce for the added touch!


                          Ingredients needed:

                          • almond flour
                          • coconut flour
                          • psyllium husk 
                          • xanthan gum
                          • butter
                          • sweeteners of your choice
                          • kosher salt
                          • eggs
                          • vanilla extract
                          • mozzarella
                          • coconut oil 














                          What we would serve with this: 

                          A keto caramel sauce like this or a hot fudge sauce like this.

                          We hope you enjoy trying a couple of these recipes. Let us know in the comments if you have tried any keto airfyer recipes and whether you think they are worth it when following a keto diet. 


                          Basma, Dan, Gia and the Deliciously Guilt Free team  

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