Our story from March 2020 to today

Hello DGF fam. I want to share a story with you. The story of the last 8 months of DGF. For the last two years I have been baking at home and sending out orders around my day job as a Politics teacher to a lad with special educational needs. Each day I’d get the kids ready for nursery, cycle to teach, get home for family time, go back out to tutor politics then back home to bake until around 2 or 3am most nights.
Last year was really tough but we kept up with orders whilst Basma was working on her science PhD and we also had two under fives. But you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world! I was creating something and I really enjoyed baking and sending out orders.
In March everything changed. DGF never paid me a wage, I did it because I believe so strongly in making a difference by giving people a healthy alternative to sugar and carbs. Then in March we had one day that changed everything.
One of our customers kindly posted about us in some Facebook groups and was saying how happy she was with our cakes and our service. From there we had a massive influx of orders meaning we couldn’t keep up!
Our solution was to move to a closed cafe and rent it to keep up with the sudden influx. At that time Cafes had to close due to the first lockdown so not only did it mean was could easily find a bigger kitchen, but we could also help another small business at that difficult time.
Within a few weeks the cafe was too small and we had to move again. This time we found a closed softplay and moved to their kitchen turning their cafe into a dispatch area.
For 2 months it was perfect and gave us the breathing room to grow further, at this time I also bought my first two commercial ovens.
We could have stayed there for much longer but then luck struck and a commercial kitchen and warehouse space became available and it’s where we now are based.
So when I put up our sign, I didn’t just feel proud of everything Basma and I have achieved. I was also struck by how far we have come in such a short space of time, all thanks to your wonderful support.
I’m now able to earn a wage, grow the business and do what I absolutely love every single day. I am so lucky and thankful every day.
Dan 👍
Photos below 

Fancy trying the keto cakes that are my labour of love?  


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