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Coconut Rasberry bars

Really good bars taste fab

Great for a treat!

I am watching my sugar intake as I am pre diabetic and have maintained a normal sugar level by reducing my carb intake. Great choice and have loved all the flavours so far and wanting to choose some of the newer flavours.

Life changing sweet treats

I am in love with this DGF product. I’ve been doing keto since Jan 2021 after piling on the pounds after an operation followed by furlough. I’ve got a really sweet tooth and although I have done keto before I failed when I craved the sweet stuff. With the help of these amazing treats I’m now 2 stone down and back to myself again. I’ve tried other products but DGF are by far the best!!!❤️❤️ Thanks guys.

Absolutely amazing my favourite

Can't believe it's not sugar!

These cakes are lovely, they have saved me from ditching my low carb diet. I highly recommend them if you want to lose weight but can't give up your sweet treats 5🌟

The best cakes

Absolutely true, best Keto cakes ever. I will definitely be ordering more when they are nearly gone,,,

Wasn’t impressed

I ordered a few different flavours but I didn’t like any of them. They left a nasty aftertaste. Won’t be buying again

Nice treat

First time ordering and I ate two of the same ones at once thinking it was a whole cake slice!
I would have liked them a little bigger to make it look like you are having an indulgent treat, having said that they hit the spot but I will order different as I don’t like the peanut butter brownie but loved the summer fruits


My fav DGF product thus far. This tastes divine when you heat up in microwave and pour some cream over it. I hope DGF continue to produce these!!

Coconut Raspberry Bars

These were a nice size and tasty with no artificial flavours. The jam was a lovely raspberry flavour and not too sweet. Unfortunately there was a little too much coconut for my palette. I would/will recommend these bars however as the quality of the ingredients and the baking is good so they are worth trying especially if you love coconut.


These were amazing. We enjoyed every flavour but the original Brownies were our favourites. No nasty sweetener taste and not too sweet. Would order again

"The Favourites" Mixed Box 8
Kressida Woolacott

Can’t believe these are ok on Keto. Have already ordered more!!

Excellent keto version of millionaire's shortbread

Really great taste and texture. Worth the price tag as an occasional treat.


Great idea to help choose your favourites.

I purchased a mixed box to see if they were as advertised and if so which ones I would order next. What a treat! I couldn’t believe that low carb treats could taste so delicious. I had already ordered the millionaires chocolate cakes as well as chocolate brownies
They were all delicious and we are definitely ordering again. I divided them and froze some to see how they would defrost and also to stop my husband eating them. They defrosted perfectly. So handy to take one out of the freezer and ha e it at work as a low carb high taste treat.


Personally I feel they taste just as nice as high carb, with some big differences! Love the flavour.

Raspberry and coconut bars

Nom nom nom. What can I say - they were delicious. Looking forward to buying some more!


A fantastic sweet treat when on Keto! I love to warm the brownies and pour over a dash of double cream! Perfect pudding to combat those sweet cravings !!


Since I’ve recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes I thought I’d give these a go - they are the perfect treats! They don’t send my blood sugar’s raging! Perfect size as to not over indulge and honestly the taste was unreal. So much better than I expected. I would have these regardless! So good 😍


I do like these but find them very sweet so can only have a small amount. If you love really sweet treats they are perfect.

Squares of heaven

What do you mean it's not real carrot cake?! Love these yummy squares, they are delish. Gorgeous cinnamon taste, they feel really naughty.

Ok - but nothing special

These were ok , but not actually as sweet or indulgent as I was expecting .
The cakes are quite small or must be greedy as I ate 2 pieces at a time !

They were fine but prefer the lemon drizzle cake

They were just ok for me the lemon drizzle cake is the best........:)


I was very impressed with these and I’m sure I’ll order again as a treat whilst following a keto diet. They arrived very quickly and all the flavours were delicious. I do bake keto treats myself sometimes as I follow the diet for health reasons, not just weight loss but I like the fact that you can get a variety of flavours in one box.

Expensive and some nicer than others

I had the mixed box and loved the lemon and Blueberry cake, not so keen on the brownies as they were drier and crumbllier that they looked in the picture. The caramel blondie was also nice. I want to try another mixed box and would be great if you could do a mixed box and pick and mix it yourself so that you can decide on the ones you like for future orders.