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Smells great, texture not for me.

Great customer service, smells delicious, texture was too crystallised for me, like biting into caster sugar. To sweet for me but the caramel that came through was pleasant. Couldn't eat more that a third of one . However my father liked them so I'm sure its down to personal preference. Great company though . Sorry

Careful scientific analysis

As a scientist I felt it was important to test them all. And these were the best. As a dark chocolate specialist these really hit the spot, Thankyou .


Upon first bite I was ready to order some more 🤤 these brownies are so so so good!!! Perfect balance of Chocolate and orange flavors. Super happy with delivery, packaging and overall flavoring of these brownies. Yummy taste, texture and gooeyness. You wouldn't believe they were Keto and not full of sugar!

Great taste

Loved these brownies, they are quiet something, I would put them at number 4 on my list, behind, double choc, millionaire shortbread, browned butter peanut blondie, saying that I am putting in a order for chocolate orange, so lets see...

Amazing Scrumptious & very Moreish

One of my fav's love them with a cup of herbal tea...

Choc orange brownie

Nice and satisfying and low carb - perfect combo


These are my absolute fave!! 15 seconds in the microwave and topped with clotted cream. Keto dream.


Lovely but would have liked a bit more peanut

Delicious treats

Doing Keto and IF,these treats fit straight in with their low carb content. No side effects like some sugarfree treats with loads of artificial sweeteners might have.
Already put in the next order.


Really tasty, lovely with cream will definitely be ordering again soon


Loves these and they really make you feel like your ok a treat! X


Oh my lord these brownies are incredible. They have to be my favourite out of all the flavours I have tried. I’m praying these aren’t just an Autumn special and that they stay on permanently. So so yummy.

Absolutely delicious

I'm 2 months into keto and of course I desperately miss treats of all sorts. I stumbled upon the instagram page and enquired about delivery times through a direct message, Dan responded within 5 minutes and I was assured that I would have my order within days. When they arrived I couldn't believe that they were sugar free, they were delicious and surprisingly filling. I would highly recommend!

Millionaire shortbread

I so wanted to love these but the sweetener you used just made me feel nauseated. Looks gorgeous but not for me.

Double choc brownie

This was my favourite out of the 3 I ordered. I can’t wait to try all the other chocolate flavours. Not too sweet, nice consistency.

S and C blondie

My husband enjoyed this dessert, he’s diabetic so it’s all about him! Very soft and light

Browned butter peanut blondie

Nice dessert. Doesn’t taste artificially sweet. Enjoyed by all the family

Worth every gram of carbohydrate

I've seen lots of recipes for low carb & keto friendly brownies online I've even made a few but they haven't turned out right so I thought I would treat my self to some peanut butter brownies and I wasn't disappointed, these are absolutely gorgeous. A good hit of chocolate and a generous topping of peanut butter just how I like them, not sure how long they are going to last and at only 2.3gm of net carbs they are the perfect treat!

Best brownies ever!!

These brownies are probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted!!

Sweet blandness

I was rather disappointed by these. They have a gritty cakey texture from the granulated erythritol followed by very little flavour. I certainly couldn’t taste the strawberry or the cream.

Amazing brownies!

I bought these thinking they wouldn’t taste like actual non keto brownies but I was so pleasantly surprised and I absolutely love them!! If you’re like me and have a sweet tooth these brownies will definitely hit the spot!!

Salted Caramel and Nut Blondie
Amazing Blondies

These blondies are incredible so tasty and really good for me as I’m currently following the keto diet and sometimes get a sweet tooth craving!


These are revolutionary for low carbers! I rarely eat something sweet but sometimes it’s lovely to join others having a treat ‘coffee and cake’. This is the perfect solution, delicious, no artificial taste (I used to buy Atkins product 🤮) and great value. I’m delighted with this find! Thank you!!

Chocolate fudge and chocolate orange Brownies

Thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate fudge and chocolate orange brownies thx so much will defo be ordering again 😍


Best keto treat ! My absolute fav ! I have sooo missed shortbread and these really hit the spot ! Xx