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Tasty low carb treat

Gorgeously moist peanut butter Blondie. A real treat with a coffee or warmed in the microwave and served with a dollop of extra thick cream.


Moist and delicious, didn’t get the cold erythritol tang either so these are a definite winner.


I cannot stress how tasty these are. Possibly my favourite ever DGF? (Shh, don’t tell pumpkin spice!) - so moist, decadent, little nibbles of strawberry are perfect to give you a hint of naughty while still deliciously guilt free!


Absolutely delicious, the help that I received was amazing and I'll be back for more!


I loved these and will be reordering ... :-)
The taste & texture felt like I was seriously spoiling myself desert wise. I had them like little cakes or broken up with combinations of thick cream, kefir, berries, coconut yogurt, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, dessicated coconut ... ummmm!


Wow, I am impressed with these double chocolate brownies. I Highly recommend them.

Strawberry and cream

Very nice blondie, defo my fav non choc one so far. Very nice warm with some cream!


To begin with there were a couple of hiccups but all my emails were answered straight away, when the products arrived it was well worth the wait! Beautiful, moist and tasty, I'm glad you can freeze them otherwise I would gave eaten them all at once 😊 I will be back for more!


The blondies are delicious. Must try them!


Delicious, hits all those sweet tooth cravings notes

Yuuuuuum, delicious!

I absolutely love these, as do my family... Hubby, 2 boys aged 5 and 6. They go pretty quickly in our house.
You should take bigger orders with discounts... I'd buy then!


I wish I'd bought more.

Excellent shortbread and choc

The caramel layer however, has quite a strong taste of the erithrytol - not sure how you could fix this - maybe more spice or less of the sweetener? Fantastic biscuit though :-)


Obvs erithrytol has a slight caramelly taste but it works in this product. Beautifully and securely packaged, freeze well and were tasty


I missed orange on keto, and it was so good to have it again. And the carb count is fabulous! I did have two as one wasn't enough. But that made me feel naughty 😂 Thanks guys, great value too ❤

Delicious cake or dessert!

Delicious with an afternoon cuppa or with cream as a dessert, and low carb as well - fantastic!

Good taste, very small portions

The taste is ok, not quite like a brownie for obvious reasons. Seems more like a cake to me but far better than other low carb creations out there. Each portion is tiny, two bites? I understand that the ingredients used are pricey and there is the calorie count to consider but there is no way I would consider a piece that small as an actual portion. I would happily have 4 or 6 carbs per portion but would expect something more substantial.

Third order!

I ordered the peanut butter blondies and the snickers brownies - both divine!! My sister who is actually on a special diet from her nutritionist requested me to order more so they are a massive hit with the family too. Will be ordering more soon!

Not great

Sweet blandness. Tasted artificial and the strawberry swirls were extremely sweet. Wouldn’t buy again

Not as nice as the other brownies

I really wanted to love these brownies as I love salted caramel however they were too sweet and something was quite crystallised so the texture was not great either. The other flavours were lovely though!


These are absolutely delicious

Fantastic packaging

Perfectly sized and cut brownies and millionaires shortbread to fit exactly and securely in the cardboard packaging. I was worried they’d have crumbled in the post but they were immaculate. The erithrytol does have a particular taste, which is especially noticeable in the millionaires, but generally the products are much better than I expected. Satisfied customer! 🍰

Best flavour!

Of the 3 different cakes I ordered this had to be the best by far!

Gooey heaven in a box

This was my first "something-sweet-and-keto" purchase online and I was very, VERY sceptical. Also super sceptical when I opened up the box. I'm still a little unsure if these really are Keto, they taste so bloody good! But wow, and I mean WOW. I bought the Peanut brownie and Pumpkin spice. Ate one of each, and figured I was out of ketosis- nope! Weight is dropping off me as per normal.
These are legit little pieces of heaven when you've quit sugar and need something that tastes of the real thing, not something LIKE it. Can't wait to work myself to the Blondies when I'm done.
Pro tip: microwave each brownie for 20 seconds in the microwave and add a dollop of peanut butter on top. You're welcome in advance ;)

Chocolate orange brownies

Absolutely amazing! They were so moist and the flavour was so good! Literally best brownies I've had.