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Another winner

Having first tried the raspberry brownies (amazing!), I moved on to try these blondies. They are great! They satisfy the sweet tooth but also have a lovely hint if salt. Really soft and fudgy. Again, perfect as they come but also devine heated with cream. Yum!

Soooo good

These raspberry brownies taste devine. I've eaten them on their own and heated in the microwave and served with cream. They are really decadent and fudgy. Thank you!

Brownie Heaven

These are sooooooo good. Will definitely order again. Only one thing better than the chocolate orange brownies and that is the chocolate raspberry brownies! Don’t just sit there - order them!

New addiction

Seriously the best low carb brownie I've ever had. I'm going to have to set a monthly allowance for this new addiction

Delicious brownies

These brownies were soft, rich and chocolatey - I really can’t believe they are low carb!

Gr8 product

Tastes amazing


Enjoyed it warm and cold


O my word I cant believe the taste sensation I’ve just experienced eating deliciouslyguiltfree #millionairesshortbread. I love their brownies, but THIS is the best ever. Hint of sweetness but not over powering or sickly like a regular Mill Shortbread. This is perfection 👌🏼 Thank you ❤️❤️

Seriously delicious!

Absolutely loved the blondies, totally divine. Can’t believe how low sugar/carb these products are given how great they taste


Savoured every mouthful with out any guilt! Xx

Great taste

Lovely brownies great to find something vegan and Keto.
Keep up the good work

Soooooo tasty

These are so delicious! I struggle with keto puddings as they always taste artificial from too much sweetner. I would never guess these were keto. Lovely warmed up and having it with cream!! Totally sorts my cravings out!

Best low carb treats ever

Loved my double chocolate brownies and peanut butter blondies. I think this must be my 6th order. You guys are so reliable and make the best low carb/keto treats in the UK -and I’ve tried several other businesses. You have a customer for life🙂


A really easy way to get some fantastic keto friendly brownies! Really enjoyed them, 10/10


Just received my blondies in the post so I had to try one. They are really tasty. Not too sweet and you get the little crunch of the peanut butter in them. They will be great as an occasional treat on a low carb diet as that's what I really miss! I will put the rest in the freezer though so I don't eat them all at once!

Salted caramel and nut blondies

Amazing product, fab flavours, taste and texture. Really love the nuts, fab customer service and quick delivery. Will definitely be ordering again x

The Perfect Brownie

You wouldn't know these were low carb at all. Cant wait to purchase more, think I might have one instead of a birthday cake this year. They are so tasty.

Guilt free treat

Amazingly delicious. The perfect low carb treat for anyone on the go. You wouldn't believe they were so low in carbs and sugar.

Amazing brownies

Some of the best brownies I've had. They're my first keto brownies so wasn't sure what to expect, they seriously taste so good and come well packaged. Would definitely recommend and would definitely order again! Thankyou!

Yum yum yum

I almost don’t believe they can’t taste this good and be so low sugar... will definitely order again :)

Simply the best!!

Didn’t think anything could beat your vegan chocolate brownies, how wrong could I be?!! The double chocolate brownies are fabulous, absolutely love them. Will definitely be ordering them again. As a type 2 diabetic these have no effect on my blood glucose levels which is a win win for me😁😁👍👍

We thought these were really good. I've often made my own low carb cake recipes and they never turn out this good. I will be purchasing more! :)


Great product. Arrived swiftly, look good and taste lovely.


Perfect treat with a cup of tea! These were so delicious, soft and fluffy. I froze half the batch and ate them like cookie dough!

Luxuriously delicious

These brownies were absolutely stunning. Moist, delicious, and perfect for my lowcarb diet. Will definitely be ordering these again very soon!