Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Keto Brownie Box of 8
Carrie Higgins
What a game changer

After starting a ketogenic diet I was almost ready to Throw in the towel after 4 weeks u til I came across this little gem. Probably the best chocolate brownie I’ve had for flavour and texture. Il be coming to Cambridge in a couple of weeks and will be stocking up!! Love love love

Oh my word!

These are super yummy - the perfect combination of sweet with a hint of saltiness. I heated mine for 20 secs and ate with cream for extra indulgence. Will be buying these again for sure


words fail me how scrumcious these cakesare so moist only problem is you have to have strong willpower not to have more than one when watching your blood sugar levels would definetly recommend them


I was shocked by how sweet these taste, no different to the real deal, just without the nasty blood sugar spikes! Love them.

So good!

Love these! Full of flavour and just like the "real" thing, the texture is perfect too!

Keto Brownie Box of 8
Rachael Sturdy

Not personally a fan of the vegan brownies so when I saw these I was delighted, they're amazing and very moreish!


Absolutely love the cakes would highly recommend

Delicious chocolate chip cookies

Love them straight from the freezer

The best keto treat

I love these slices…. Super filling and no weird aftertaste. The best Keto treat with a cup of tea! The chocolate layer is thick and sweet … no bitterness which is great. Definitely recommend trying!


Almost 4 years since I changed my lifestyle and during that time I have searched out some amazing resources but one area that was still needing help was an occasional desert. DGF has filled that spot wonderfully! My family and I adore the selection in the Kickstart box and are slowly making our way through tasting everything else that they have :) All i can say is Yummy Scrummy!

Thank you for this wonderful mix of cakes..this was absolute delight of the treat.i will be returning

Had Better

Flavours didn't really compliment each other.


Extremely Moreish, will definitely order again

Excellent cakes!

I really enjoy one if these microwaved for 15 seconds and topped with thick fresh cream. And I stay in ketosis. Thank you

Loved these cookies!!

Really enjoyed these cookies. I liked the consistency and they taste great.

Bis-nott Blondie box of 8
Maggie Allum
Yummy Blondies

Yet again another yummy box of DGF cakies! Lovely and crumbly.

Nice but…

Quite nice however chocolate seemed bitter and hardly any caramel. But concidering these are keto they are nice :)

Bis-nott Blondie box of 8
Jane Arden

Ohhhhh my! These are absolutely superb. The best keto cakes ever. I will only buy from here from now on. Love... Love.... Love. Thank you so much. Xx

It’s a good try

It’s strange because along with the cookies for some reason I can’t enjoy the texture of these! Very strange but I’m glad I tried them.

2nd fav on the website

These are my second fav after the bakewell! Perfect amount of sweet and sour from the lemon and berries. Wouldn’t think these were low carb!

My fav

These are my absolute favourite!

Cookie not cookie

I wasn’t a fan of these due to the texture but can appreciate that it would be super hard to try and make a low carb/keto cookie!


These were stunningly good

Bis-nott Blondie box of 8
Ana Bee

Tried to get it right but the toffee is very overpowering. Consistency too crumbly :(

Great to be able to eat a little treat that isn't full of unhealthy ingredients.