Not only are our keto cakes and brownies healthy, they provide a delicious guilt-free indulgence. Don't just take our word for it though, see what happy customers have to say about these ketogenic brownies that actually taste good!
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Love the cookies!

I really love the Cinnamon Cookies. Highly recommend.

Yum yum Yummy

This chocolate is amazing I have tried white, milk, passion fruit , raspberry and lemon.
Waiting for a flavour I don’t like 😊🤫😵‍💫🤣❤️

Raspberry white chocolate bliss!

This is amazingly good! So creamy and delicious with a good hit of raspberry whilst managing not to be too sweet (unlike so many other 'keto' products that use far too much sweetner for my taste). Its my new favourite chocolate.

Keto Milk Chocolate
Nicolas Georgiou

Keto Milk Chocolate

The Popular box
Shireen Wise
Tasty guilt free treats

We thoroughly enjoyed the popular box & cinnamon biscuits. Actually, I just put it out for a pre-wedding party & they all disappeared! Luckily I had a cookie in the kitchen! Everyone was so surprised that it’s gluten-free as they could not tell the difference. Will have to order my own box now, no sharing ha ha!

The Popular box
Delicious Popular box

I'm very impressed with these cakes. My favourite has to be the Notella blondies, reminded me of ferreros. Great selection of flavours and I will definitely be buying more and trying other flavours too.


I just recommended deliciously guilt free to two friends 🙏🏻👍


I like that this is something a little different and great that it’s now available all the time! Will definitely be ordering more!!!

The Popular box
Alice Clements
Really really good !

These were even better than expected ! The lemon drizzle and the chocolate brownie were my favourites !

Brownie Delight

I just received my first order today, oh my goodness, what can I say.... These brownies taste like a dream. Just what a need on my Keto diet when I fancy a little something sweet. Thanks so much I will most certainly be ordering again 💗

The Popular box
Shannon Lundy
I wanted to like them so bad

I was so excited about these after starting my keto journey I was so craving some cake!! I come across this page and after reading reviews I decided to buy.. Sorry to say that I just did not like them! The texture was so off-putting I couldn't eat them and neither could my partner! I thought if anyone could make keto cake be good it was you guys.. I can tell that so much love and effort goes into your products but considering the price I really expected something better.. I'm so sorry but I have to be honest!

Ketoreo Kiss Cookies Box of 8
Ketoreos are the bomb!

I only had Oreos a few times in my life as my mom baked so we didn't get bought cookies. DGF Ketoreos taste just like I remember Oreos tasting like. Which was amazing.

Really good biscuit

I thoroughly enjoy these - the only reason I have not given 5 stars is that I would love the caramel layer to be thicker. It can't be too much of a problem, though, as I keep buying them!! Yum!

Lovely Product


Very yummy 😋


So tasty and delicious! Never want it to be taken away!

My new favourite!

Absolutely loved these and they make sticking to my Keto diet so much easier ! Perfect . Thanks !

Best of the bunch!

Tastes ok, I’m not a fan of the sweetener taste, texture and flavour.

lemon drizzle review

taste nice but not sure what’s in it everytime i’ve had one the aftertaste actually hurts my mouth , it’s a shame as they do taste nice but i can’t buy anymore as they hurt after eating one

Hi Issac, sorry to hear that, some people have a more sensitive palate and can be affected by the cooling effect of the erythritol and experience an aftertaste

The Popular box
Teresa Towse-Voller

Absolutely delicious, ideal for our Keto diet treats. Definitely buy again

The Popular Box

Delicious, low carb, great taste - bought for a treat!

The Popular box
David McCarthy

Perfect all round

Blueberry & Lemon Bliss

These little cakes are a lifesaver for me at work mid morning with a cuppa, they taste fantastic and take away my cravings until lunchtime, yum!

Exceeded Expectations

Bought with some trepidation for my son's 16th birthday as wanted to find something he could just enjoy without thinking about injecting insulin (Type 1 diabetic), I was however unsure if it would effect his glucose levels - it didn't AT ALL!! He absolutely loved the taste of the cake and really enjoyed being able to eat a treat without having to think about injections. Would highly recommend.


These have a good texture and the icing is just like the real thing