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Lovely treat for coffee lovers. I was really impressed with the flavour, very tasty. One of my favourites.

Not that impressed

Should have just bought the ones I wanted rather that variety box 🤷🏼‍♂️

Little pieces of guilt free heaven

These are amazing on their own or pimped up with jelly and cream!! A favourite 😍


What a flavour, this is so so gorgeous a new edition to the DGF range!

😋 yum

Really delicious

Deliciously delicious

The chocolate fudge brownies taste amazing and satisfy my cravings for sweet food. ❤️

Absolutely lovely!

These cakes are delicious! A perfect fit for me trying to be good!

The best!

Excellent Keto friendly cakes. The Lemon and Blueberry ones are seriously amazing! I don't think I could stick to low carb without these treats. Thank you!

Best ever!

Delicious, guilt free little square of yumminess. My fave by far!

Have these on repeat order now!

Repeat order but 5 star as usual!!


Enjoyed having a few keto treats! I will be buying again for my birthday soon.


Absolutly delicious just wish they did more fruit cakes as i dont like chocolate cake or salted caramel ect, so am limited. I do try to get online at 7 on a friday to buy rasberry bakewell cakes or any other fruit ones but not always possible & they sell out straight away love these blueberry & lemon though fantastic


Really tasty and delicious cakes.. can’t believe they are low carb!


Just received a mixed box of the most tasty cakes as a present from my cousin. A lovely surprise & tried the caramel brownie straight away. So nice. Can’t wait to try the rest ( but not today!)



I am definitely hooked! They taste so great!

Very nice guilt-free treats!

I ordered 2 x boxes of ‘mixed favourites’, intrigued to try these after listening to a few episodes of ‘UK Low Carb’ podcast. The order arrived the next day! Wow.... great service! Over the next few days, my wife and I ‘rationed’ ourselves to one or two a day during our not very strictly observed HFLC weight loss /maintenance journey. I’d not tried product made with almond flour or sweetened with polyols before and found all four to have rich, well balanced flavours, good texture and appearance. I could that the brownies, blonde and drizzle cake tasted less sweet than similar products containing sugar and worked best when eaten with a dollop of creme fraiche or high fat Greek yoghurt. I would highly recommend these high quality products to anyone with a sweet tooth looking for a delicious guilt free treat! Thank you Dan & Co. !

Totally delicious!

Absolutely loved the mix box. Loved the variety and all of them were delicious


These are the yummiest brownies- guilt free! Thank you so much!! Xxxx

Deliciously guilt free indeed!

Shamefully we munched the entire box within 2 days of getting it! They were so delicious that we just needed to try them all! We have now ordered 5 more boxes which we will freeze and have as little treats.

"The Favourites" Mixed Box 8

Happy Customer

So yummy! Would not think they were keto :)

"The Favourites" Mixed Box 8


Great quality

Bakewell blondie

Literally amazing!! The best 😋