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These are well made, tasty and decadent.
Definitely will be a repeat customer.

Chocolate brownie and lemon blueberry slices are to die for!

Also enjoyed the chocolate hazelnut brownies snd strawberry blondie.

Only wish the mix box had one of everything to try. That’s why it’s a star removed.

Perfect chocolate heaven...

My experience with Deliciously Guilt Free was fantastic from the start: I have been offered a discount code which was not working at the time of the check out and did not add to my order. I contacted the Customer Services Team and they quickly resolved the issue. The cakes arrived in a couple of days after placing the order in a neat well packaged parcel by Royal Mail.
When opening the cakes I instantly knew they were going to melt in my mouth as they smelled fresh, they were very moisty and looked totally natural. I knew these were gonna go quickly! My husband ate them in two days I barely got to try them....😁😅 Thank you for the quick and efficient service and the lovely cakes! I have just placed another order for some different flavours! 😉

Helen Hunnisett

Really lovely!

Blueberry & lemon drizzle cakes

These cakes are delicious especially if you have a sweet tooth
These are one of my favourites

Tasty and moist

Having to have gluten free cakes for years has been hard work they’re usually dry but these were soft very moist and super tasty. If anything they are sweeter than usual but lovely lemon flavour comes through and subtle blueberries

Really good

Really good stuff, I shall definitely be purchasing again

So good I couldn’t stop eating them!

I’m following a keto diet which I love but every now and then I get the urge for a sweet treat (especially when pre-menstrual) and I stumbled across these on Instagram. They were delicious, just what was needed. On the downside I wanted to eat more than just one at a time (Ha!) and you have to store them in your fridge which I did find made them ever so slightly soggy but it didn’t put me off - I still enjoyed them all!


I finished them all already. Please don’t judge me. I would say they get sweeter when placed in the fridge for some reason. So I leave mine out. The millionaire shortbreads are a little on the sweeter side for me but the texture is amazing. However they are all amazing and can’t wait for my next batch.

Guilt free cake

The cakes were lovely; very moist and tasty

Some really tasty options that you wouldn't know are low carb!

I made quite a large order due to the cost of shipping and froze most with just a weeks worth left in the fridge. I started with the mixed box and have to say it's got some excellent choices in there! My personal favourite (despite being a chocolate and PB lover) has been the blueberry lemon drizzle! so tasty!! The ones I thought would be amazing were actually less to my taste (Choc / PB) due to the consistency but i think it was well worth it to find a treat I can look forward to :)


Yummy!! and they stayed fresh for ages!!!


Having read all the fantastic reviews I was excited to try them when the came I put them in the fridge when I took them out to try the texture and taste was not good the blobsie was soggy and had an awful taste the peanut butter so sweet and also soggy the chocolate was glaggie the fruit one was edible but only just I didn’t think I was that fussy but a lot of money for awful taste and consistency will definitely not be buying them again but each to there own x


Really delicious cake, I’ve frozen them and just reheat one in a microwave for 30 seconds each time.

Peanut butter brownie


A new favourite treat in our household

My friends had no clue these were keto friendly, they just thought they were delicious. Love the peanut butter and lemon+blueberry brownies.

Truly delicious

Amazing the most delicious low carb cakes highly recommend them everyone absolutely loved them

Not my favourite

Sadly a little too artificially sweet and soft in texture for me.

Love love loved them

☺️ they were lush


Best vegan brownie around !! I’m going to place the next order tonight !!!

Salted caramel blondie

Scrumptious! 😋

Yummy cakes

This is my second box, very yummy, still soft and scrumptious after a week, can't decide on a favourite they're that delicious


Great product

Out of this world!

I cannot get enough of them!
They are amazing to eat, my only concern is that I don’t eat them all at once!


Absolutely atunning brownies that dont weigh you down. Every flavour was delicious.

Really tasty

These little treats are especially nice warm with some cream. Yum 😋