Who Are The Best Keto and Low Carb bakeries in the UK 2022? (with Reviews/Ratings)

Here at Deliciously Guilt Free, we have numerous conversations each year with members of the UK Low carb community.  As our customers know our thoughts and feelings on all things low carb food, they often ask us about our competition, the other keto bakeries.  We are always open and explain that there is now a growing number of choices and that we are certain that they will find the best fit for them and their macros.  We're never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest about our competitors as ultimately we want our customers to be as informed as possible.


Here is a list of some of the other companies that provide baked LCHF (low carb and high fat) goods in the UK. Keto bakeries:

1. Kinetic Kitchen 

I can't help be really like Harry. I haven't met him in person as yet but he is a really lovely chap who not only makes Ketonuts, which are Keto-doughnuts which are amazing and nut butters and fudge but also is on an environmental mission that is awe inspiring.   

2. Yummzy

Yummzy is particularly suited to anyone who follows a vegan diet as well as wanting to cut the sugar and follow a low carb way of eating. Originally located in a cafe in Greenwich, this bakery is now based online and is a firm favourite of the vegan and low carb community and Jolues is a really inspiring and knowledgeable influencer who is the UK's leading vegan keto expert. 

3. Beth's Low Carb creations

Beth's Low Carb creations is a new kid on the block in 2021 and we are really proud to be able to work with Beth for her first giveaway. Beth makes keto fudge that is out of this world and high end too.  must try for anyone who wants to manage their macros and have a gorgeous piece of fudge 

4. Sugar Free By Marta 

Marta provides baked goods to replace the sugar versions and has a good variation of baked products to match different customers needs. Probably the newest on the scene, Marta makes cakes for all occasions. 

5. Keto Kitchen UK

An etsy based shop, selling a range of keto baked goods. They have a range of keto welsh cakes and keto donuts


So there are four Keto and Low Carb bakeries based here in the UK for you to consider if you fancy something tasty without the added sugar and carbs. 

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