How to lose 15 stone without having to give up cake

You read the title of this page correctly, that is exactly what Ilja, one of our customers did. She lost 15 Stone (220lbs/110kg) while regularly enjoying some of our keto cake.

This transformation journey is incredible and needs to be shared. 

Ilja had a challenge with her weight since childhood and realised that from a very young age that she was different to her sisters. She would make body fat very easily even though they were eating the same quantity of the same foods. 

In 2019 Ilja had a very scary experience that changed her life forever. 

Play this video to see

Her recovery  would prove to be a long and tough journey. She was dreading the first visit after the stroke the with her GP. We’ve all been there right! The advice of “You need to lose weight and get fit.”  Like any of us that carry some extra pounds don’t know that already...but how?!  

Most doctors' solutions are as good as useless. Cut your calories and move more, well done brainiac, we’ve all tried that, got the T shirt and then after losing some we gain plus some. 

However Ilja had a chance encounter that changed her life. Her GP told her about a new (not so new) approach called low carb. She embraced it and explains the immediate health changes in the video below...

Starting and continuing with a strict Keto diet was the best solution for Ilja and not only did she lose a huge amount of weight (15 stone) but she also has transformed her core muscle to lean body mass. 

Ilja is one of our customers, in fact one of our first ever customers as she used to be one of our neighbours.

We moved DGF to a small village around the corner from Ilja and I was already good friends with her husband Laurens. They would come over regularly to support my fledgling business and to buy some of our cakes. 

I asked Ilja - how important was DGF in your health journey? 

"Very! To be able to stick to any diet/ healthy way of living you still need to be able to treat yourself every once in a while.  I still like cakes and dgf is amazing! Makes it possible to treat myself without any negative impact on my weight. It's magic!"

So it turns out you can have your cake and eat it as Ilja did and still live have a huge health transformation and live a healthy lifestyle. 

And what a transformation! Here is Ilja sharing her medical reports of how she changed body shape over two years. So if you would like to include our cakes on your health journey then check out our range today - 

If you would ike to check out the full video then just click this link here -

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