Devils Advocate 👹- Two GPs go head to head

This week I’m on cloud nine. As I write this the podcast has gone crazy and it is almost in the top three for most downloads already. I really love making these podcasts and in many way I’d be more than happy with smaller numbers as the process of making them, the conversations are the reward. However when you receive lovely messages from Twitter and email it makes my day. I want to talk in the blog about the podcast coming out on Tuesday.

I was joined by two brilliant GPs, Dr David Oliver and Dr Kim Andrews who are both partners at the Freshwell Health Centre

I really loved recording their episode as they are both really fun and inspirational. A bit like David Unwin, they have changed the way they treat their patients and they are seeing some really positive results in their patient’s health. The full episode will come out later this year but I decided to release their round of Devil’s Advocate on Tuesday 18thAugust as I wanted to share the fun and info that we discussed. As always when recording with doctors I need to say that they are not giving you personal medical advice, that is only something that your own GP can do, but I think you’ll find this really really interesting and fun!



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