Bulletproof coffee, why should you be drinking it and how to use it?

What is bulletproof coffee?


Bulletproof Coffee is an energy-boosting drink made with high-quality fats and quality coffee beans. 

When you drink Bulletproof Coffee instead of eating a carby (think normal cereal, toast or a fry up) breakfast, you’ll feel satisfied and not hungry for hours. It’s great on keto, low carb and intermittent fasting.

For the best results, use the highest quality ingredients that will help you feel your best: single-origin coffee beans, pure MCT oil/ MCT powder and grass-fed butter or ghee. Find out why you should be doing this below.

Coffee with butter/other fats has many added health benefits that you don't get from standard black coffee. It's super popular in the keto, paleo and IF communities and is said to help with weight loss by increasing satiety after consumption. Learn how to make bulletproof coffee and make this your brand new morning fuel.

  • Do you usually crash by lunchtime? The small caffeine high and low you get can be swapped to a slow and steady release of energy with a bulletproof coffee by the addition of fats.


  • Fat has a high satiety rating and so by including these healthy fats you can get a filling breakfast drink without the sugar spike.


  • MCT oil is readily available by the brain due to it's saturated fat status and smaller size, so it can be used quicker than other fats, making it a good source of energy for focusing. 


Can you use it for intermittent fasting? 

Many use it as their fast breaker and many also use the bulletproof coffee as a way to help them tide over until their first meal. It's super low in carbs and high in fat and so is the perfect IF or Keto drink!


What do we put in our bulletproof coffee?

Grass fed butter: 

Grass fed butter made from pure double cream is all fat, this helps make the coffee creamy and filling when mixed. We love Saddleworth butter for this!


MCT oil powder: 

As said above, MCT is readily available to the brain and powder is easily mixed into coffee without the need for a whisk or a blender.


Double cream: 


If you like having an extra creamy hot drink then add a couple of teaspoons of cream in for an extra filling drink!


Sweetener of choice: 

Some people don't like to use sweetener in their bulletproof coffee but if you do, we recommend using stevia, inulin or erythritol. 


Collagen peptides (optional):

If you want an extra boost of collagen for your body then a bulletproof coffee is the best thing to add it to. It's a little extra that you won't really taste. 


Pinch of salt: 

For some added electrolytes and to bring out the sweetness we would suggest putting a small crack of Himalayan salt into your coffee. 


What if you're vegan? 

Swap butter for coconut oil or extra MCT oil powder

Swap cream for coconut cream

Swap the collagen peptides for a vegan one or leave out altogether. 







Where to buy MCT oil powder:

Here - available in different sizes and as a pack


Our favourite coffee: 

Here - Ethical artisan coffee beans ground to french press grind size, ready for adding to MCT powder. 


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