Dessert on keto? Can you eat cake on keto?

Lockdown/ quarantine was hard on all of us. I know some of us here have moved away from keto/another lifestyle a few more times a month than we wanted to... putting my hands up here! We're here to reset those cravings and find some desserts right for you on keto! We'll include some easy keto dessert recipes too so you can really up your dessert game!

When moving from a carb-filled diet into keto quickly can be a hard run, even if you're not giving up all carbs but are lowering sugar and grains or following a gluten-free diet it can be so hard to give up dessert altogether. It doesn't have to be! While we don't recommend eating dessert all the time... though we know our brownies are hard to resist, it can be a great way to stay on track!

We hate long-winded recipes with so many ingredients so we've tried to pick out some super simple and easy keto dessert recipes for any occasion that you can cook at home with no fancy ingredients! You will need keto pantry essentials which are in our keto shopping list blog post.


But how do I swap out the sugar?

Lucky for you, we've broken down all the market-leading sweeteners in this blog post - we rate them from good to bad compared with taste so you can make an informed decision about what sweetener you choose to get!



What about the flour? How can I make desserts without flour?

We have listed the best keto flours to use in this blog post! It's easier than you think and some of these keto flour substitutions are surprising! It can be an absolute maze trying to figure this out when you start keto so we want to make it easier for you!


Easy keto dessert recipes:

No-Bake Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

We're kicking this list off with these No-Bake Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars that will satisfy all your peanut butter cup cravings. These are a perfect high fat, keto snack/dessert!

Find the recipe below:



Crunchy berry mousse

Diet doctor's recipes are great and this is super easy and satisfying dessert idea, perfect summer keto dessert and also something the whole family can enjoy!

Easy ice cream (in a mason jar)

This only takes 10 minutes to make (plus some freezing time). Some of the low carb ice cream options are very expensive and not great so this is a really good option for staying away from the Ben and Jerry's on a Friday night!

Keto cheesecake:

This is one with the most ingredients but it has a great pay off! It's one of Wholesome Yum's most loved recipes and we can see why. Who doesn't love cheesecake!



Where can I buy desserts for keto? Can I buy keto desserts in the UK?

We sell a range of brownies, blondies, cakes and biscuits that are diet & lifestyle friendly! You can check them out here! Here are some of our favourites:

Bakewell blondies

Chocolate fudge brownies

Blueberry and Lemon drizzle cakes

Millionaire's shortbread

There are also a number of other UK based keto bakeries: we've laid them all out in this post

Who Are The Best Keto and Low Carb bakeries in the UK 2020? (with Reviews/Ratings)




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