Vegan Facebook Group post

This week I noticed a post in a Vegan FaceBook group. As a 90% carnivore I’m not an active member of the group but a certain post just made my blood boil and I had to give my ten pence worth! The post referred to the fact that an infamous big food company has launched a vegan version of their chocolate bar. The packaging has swapped it’s red corporate brand colours and instead covered itself in leaves and flowers. 

If our vegan friends want to eat that then fair enough, their choice. However it made me want to write the following 

“I’m sick of unethical companies using veganism to cleanse themselves and then make money out of a new market. Don’t be fooled, horrible company, avoid.” 

Why did I have this reaction you may wonder? Well it’s because big food is clearly using veganism to it’s own ends as it’s a big PR stunt. The same will happen in keto and low carb before too long, if not already!  

The food industry’s whole purpose is to protect its profit. It doesn’t care about the common good. It will shape-shift to match the latest trends while leaving a tide of metabolic health syndrome conditions in it’s wake. 

How long can our NHS patch up this damage, how much longer can we tolerate corporate synthetic non food. 



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