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Our new product, Mixed box!

We've been asked time and again for a mixed box! We know how frustrating it is when you buy a massive order of things and maybe you don't like a flavour or colour but now you're stuck! 


Maybe you want to send them to your friend, relative and don't know which one's they would want? We've got you covered! 


mixed box photos





We're finally ready to release it! 



4 flavours of brownies, see what you love and pick your favourites next time! 



What's included? 

If you are finding it hard to choose, or maybe you just love them all why not treat yourself to our delicious mixed box. Anyone who loves cake but also wants to put low sugar, healthy, wholesome food in their body will love these treats. 

Our "The Favourites" mixed box contains our classic and most popular flavours of all time. In each box you'll find: 

Top tip: Slightly warm the chocolate fudge brownie or salted caramel blondie, add double cream, sit down and just savour the gooey richness. 


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  • FREE shipping on orders over £35

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Refrigerate on arrival. Store in fridge for 7 days. Can be frozen for up to 2 months. 

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  • Looking forward to my mixed box. Waiting by the front door right now!


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